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The Southern African Auditor and Training Certification Association, Saatca, will set a national examination for auditors from 2011.

“We have agreed in principle to set standardised auditor registration examinations”, said Saatca chairperson Dr Roy Ramphal in response to queries from

“We have approached several organisations to find an institution to run the logistics for a mass examination, at centrally situated venues around southern Africa, scheduled for at least twice a year.”

Auditors are currently certified by Saatca upon evaluation of their training and training results from approved course providers, and related experience.

“Exams by audit training providers are not directly controlled by Saatca, and we want to increase the integrity of registration, in line with, for example the Accounting Board, by setting an exam for registered auditors”, explained Dr Ramphal.

Trainers of auditors will continue their own exams and qualification processes. Qualified auditors working in certain sectors, for which registration schemes exist, would then sit the exam to obtain one or more Saatca registration cards.

“We plan to set criteria via scheme committees, and approval by an exam committee, and evaluate results against the criteria via an evaluation section”, said Dr Ramphal. Exam markers would be employed.

Auditor registration schemes

Saatca ensures competence of certain internal and external management systems auditors, and management system training course providers, against global standards.

Three of the Saatca registration schemes, for auditors of environment, food safety, and quality management system auditors, and these relevant management system training providers, are accredited to the requirements of ISO 17024, via the South African National Accreditation System, Sanas.

Employers using auditors, or who undergo second or third party audits, should check the names and speciality of prospective auditors on the Saatca website, said Saatca certification manager Charlene Holm in response to queries from

Saatca auditor schemes ensured by Sanas include;
•    Environmental management system (EMS) auditors
•    Food safety management system (FSMS) auditors
•    Quality management system (QMS) auditors

Saatca auditor schemes include;
•    Occupational health and safety management system auditors
•    Road safety auditors
•    HIV /AIDS management system auditors
•    Certified packaging re-processing auditors
•    Product certification auditors
•    Management system auditor training course providers

A new Saatca scheme to register data management system auditors, under the ISO 9001 and 8001 standards, may soon be launched.

Health and safety auditors

Schemes are launched in response to demand from auditors and audit users. Saatca plans to apply for Sanas registration of its occupational health and safety auditing scheme next year, relevant to management systems certified to OHSAS 18001.

Accreditation of auditor schemes depends on numbers of auditors and users. Some schemes currently involve less than 10 auditors.

Integrated system auditors

Since integrated audits, involving two ore more ISO standards, have become common practice, Saatca plans to register internal auditors of management systems integrating requirements of two or more ISO or OHSAS management system standards.

Scope of Saatca registration may be expanded to multi-standard auditors, who perform integrated management system audits.

“We plan to register integrated system auditors in one process, by one card, to reduce duplication and costs, but not to create a specialism in system integration, since there is no global standard for SHEQ auditing”, explained Dr Ramphal to

Qualified and registered auditors working to multiple standards, should not be confused with consultants or internal SHEQ auditors.

Demand and parameters for registration of integrated management system auditors, would be debated at the Saatca conference in Pretoria in October (see conference details below).

Audit scheme members invited

Each scheme has an associated Scheme Committee, aiming to ensure technical expertise via impartial specialist representatives. The current Scheme Committees invite specialist expertise members.

Scheme Committees meet twice per year to assess and develop auditor and market needs and auditor criteria.

Members need not necessarily be Saatca registered auditors, but should represent key interest groups, like employers and users of auditors, customers of organisations with certified management systems, industry trade association representatives, representatives of state regulatory bodies or services, or representatives of non-governmental organisations, including consumer organisations.

Scheme committees provide technical, scheme specific input to a Technical Management Board and generic management system auditor criteria, explained Holm.

Rules, regulations, and activities of Scheme Committees are documented in Saatca management system ACR 5.4.

Saatca conference 2010

Saatca hosts its annual conference on October 25 to 27 in Pretoria at the CSIR conference centre, themed on global auditing methodologies and tools. The final day of the conference consists of a site tour. Contact

Saatca board 2010

Saatca is managed by its 11 members, including some relevant authorities, some auditor training providers, and some large employers of auditors.

Saatca board members for 2010 -2011 are;
Dr Roy Ramphal, SASQ, and chairperson
Iain Muir, SABS
Chantal Monyane, Services Seta
Harry Harris , BRS Risk Solutions
Hilda Pretorius, Samic
Johan Rheeder, Services Seta
Montimedi Ndala, ABB
Nellie Prinsloo, Dairy Standards
Certification manager; Charlene Holm

PHOTO; Saatca chairperson Dr Roy Ramphal.

* Contact Saatca via Charlene Holm, acting certification manager, 012 349 1008, fax 086 516 2966, 073 789 7954, or


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