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Over at Notes from the Panopticon is a post Everything in moderation – including Health and Safety.

The post has the following quote from a petition on the Downing Street website:

“A 79-year-old disabled lady in the rural village of Urchfont, Wiltshire, has spent the last 8 years tending lovingly to a very small ‘triangle’ of land at the entrance to the village, including funding the plants from her own pension.

She has now been told by council bureaucrats that she must stop unless she gets a licence, wears a fluorescent jacket, carries and places 3 signs in the road, and has a permanent lookout with her. Failing this, the plot will be tarmaced.”Health and Safety sign

Is it a case of Health & Safety gone mad? According to the writer there should be a limit on the extent to which the excuse of protecting our safety is used to restrict our freedom.

Yes, getting the balance right is always a problem. When is protection enough? Maybe Hitler got it right when he said “What good fortune for governments that people don’t think.” Maybe that is the problem – people don’t think.


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