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The 40th international Construction Management conference of researchers and practitioners in Port Elizabeth in 2011 is on Nov 27 -29.

The annual event is hosted by the Nelson Mandela Metro University in Port Elizabeth at a forum for leading construction researchers and practitioners in Africa and around the world.

The construction and construction project management conference is relevant to developed, developing, and third world industry sectors. The 2011 event also celebrates the 40th year of the BSc Construction Management program at the NMMU.

“We provide a forum for multi disciplinary interaction between academics and practitioners”, said the conference chairperson, Prof John Smallwood.

“The internationally recognised, accredited conference disseminates innovative and cutting edge practices, and contributes to construction management and construction project management knowledge.”

The organisers, and a large international construction science panel, will bring together researchers, academics, administrators and practitioners representing educational institutions, government agencies, contracting organisations, consulting enterprises and construction financiers from around the world.

Construction management conference topics include;
• Professional association and registration
• Construction career promotion
• Continuing professional development
• Project management knowledge areas
• Project management processes
• Project parameters like health and safety
• Construction economics
• Construction resources like labour, technology
• Functions in construction organisations, like marketing
• Functions of management work, like planning
• Gender issues in construction.

Construction issues to resolve

“Construction management and construction project management face several critical questions”, Prof Smallwood explained.

“Regarding construction culture, what changes would lead to improved performance? How could information technology contribute to improved performance? What are the barriers to change? How could we promote construction management in informal and SMME sectors?

“Regarding construction skills, How could education, training, and professional development be improved? How can skills better be developed and transferred? How can communication and management difficulties be addressed?

“Regarding professionalisation and service quality assurance, how can professional association and registration be promoted?”

“Regarding construction risk management, how can enterprise risk, operational risk and occupational risk be better recognised, understood and avoided? Regarding governance, how can corruption be mitigated? How can ethical behaviour be promoted? How can diversity and inclusivity be promoted?

“Regarding legislation, how can the regulatory environment be more effective?”

Call for construction papers

Presenters are invited to submit abstracts in English of 150 words for peer review by a scientific and technical committee, by 27 May 2011, noting design; findings; value; research limitations or implications, and practical implications.

The committee would give precedence to original subjects, likely academic rigour, and likely contribution to knowledge or practical relevance. Research and empirical findings are compulsory. Final papers are due by 30 September 2011 to Fidelis Emuze on

Construction management conference scientific and technical committee members;

Dr N Chileshe, University of South Australia, Australia
Dr G Crafford, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, RSA
Dr D Edwards, Birmingham City University, UK
Prof C Egbu, Glasgow Caledonian University, UK
Dr AM Finneran, Loughborough University, UK
Dr F Edum-Fotwe, Loughborough University, UK
Dr FL Geminiani, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, RSA
Prof A Gibb, Loughborough University, UK
Prof C Gorse, Leeds Metropolitan University, UK
Prof TC Haupt, Mississippi State University, USA
Prof B Jones, California Polytechnic University, USA
Prof D Kashiwagi, Arizona State University, USA
Dr J Lew, Purdue University, USA
Dr MF Manthe, Walter Sisulu University, RSA
Dr H Marx, University of the Free State, RSA
Dr S Mohamed, Griffiths University, Australia
Prof A Ngowi, University of Botswana, Botswana
Prof G Ofori, National University of Singapore, Singapore
Dr D Root, University of the Witwatersrand, RSA
Prof PD Rwelamila, University of South Africa, RSA
Prof W Shakantu, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, RSA
Prof JJ Smallwood, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, RSA
Prof A Talukhaba, University of the Witwatersrand, RSA
Prof D Thwala, University of Johannesburg, RSA
Prof JJP Verster, University of the Free State, RSA

Nov 27 -29 Construction Management conference 40,  hosted by Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU), at Marine Hotel, Port Elizabeth; CIB, CIOB members R3000 +VAT, SACPCMP members R3500 +VAT, students R2000 +VAT. Organised by Prof Winston Shakantu and Fidelis Emuze, or and chaired by Prof John Smallwood,

PHOTO; International Construction Management conference scientific and technical chairperson, Prof John Smallwood of NMMU.


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