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Safebuild DVD series is a South African construction occupational health and safety training aid in video format, in five languages.

The set of three DVDs are said to be comprehensive, based on local legislation, easy to understand, and affordable at R1000.

The new construction risk DVD is available in five local languages; English, Afrikaans, Xhosa, Zulu and Sotho.

Master Builders had financial assistance from Federated Employers Mutual (FEM), aiming to increase depth of understanding of construction workplace safety issues.

Occupational risk awareness resources usually focus on separate elements of workplace health and safety, and are imported from overseas, where working conditions and legislation are often very different to South Africa.

The three disc DVD set covers 20 different topics, in three hours. A menu allows viewers to choose topics, or view each entire DVD.

Imported DVDs are said to be expensive, out of reach of the people that need them most.

Master Builders KwaZulu-Natal had formed a technical team of specialists and used a local video company, Sesalos, to produce the Safebuild DVD series.

SafeBuild DVD series covers these topics:
•    Health and Safety Administration
•    Education, Training and Promotion
•    Public Safety, Security, Emergency Preparedness
•    Personal Protective Equipment, Clothing
•    Workplace, Environment, Health, Hygiene
•    Housekeeping
•    Scaffolding
•    Form Work, Support Work
•    Ladders
•    Fall Protection
•    Electrical Safe Guarding
•    Fire Prevention, Precautions
•    Demolition Work
•    Excavations
•    Tools
•    Lifting Machinery, Lifting Tackle
•    Hoists
•    Conveyors
•    Site Plant, Machinery
•    Plant and Storage Yards,

The set is aimed at assisting construction teams to comply with health and safety legislation and regulations, avoid fines and jail sentences, and increase productivity and efficiency on site.

Samples of video segments are posted at


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