Posted on: March 27, 2009 Posted by: Diane Swarts Comments: 0

Nigeria. A four storey residential building in Lagos, Nigeria collapsed trapping dozens of people inside and 11 have been confirmed dead.

The building, which is located in the densely populated neighbourhood of Idi-Araba collapsed on Tuesday the 24th of March after the concrete floors gave in, sending twisted metal and rubble into the streets.

11 bodies have been retrieved and the last reported victim pulled out of the rubble was a four year old boy.

Reports from the National Emergency Agency indicate that the rescue workers are trying to remove debris so they can recover more bodies as the rescue workers do not believe that anyone would still be alive after being trapped in the rubble for such a long time.

The Red Cross has set up a tracing center to try and ascertain the number of people still missing.

An excavator was brought from a nearby construction site to lift the concrete floors and allow rescue workers to get inside the building and several ambulances were on stand-by for survivors as scores of residents watched.

Collapsing buildings are reportedly common in Nigeria, which is Africa’s most populated nation.

The disregard for building regulation and use of sub standard building material, coupled with old and poorly maintained infrastructure means that construction safety is almost always compromised.