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Buildsafe SA, formed by employers and consultants in 2012, will circulate southern Afircan construction safety data and advice on a collective, anonymous basis.

Buildsafe SA would elect a chairman, vice chairman, secretary and treasurer in April 2012. It is forming an OHS technical committee, named OHS TC 1, based on a round table format. Other committees would discuss construction occupational wellness, business sustainability and reducing environmental impacts.

Newly appointed delegates and officials would take the offer of membership to the other eight provinces in 2012, following a general meeting in Gauteng in April 2012, when membership start-up funding from donations would become available.

“We need more safe, healthy and happier construction workplaces… based on commitment among top executives and construction clients, and based on communication”, said Buildsafe SA launch chairman, and Aveng Grinaker LTA group MD, Grahame McGaig. “We could drive our incident numbers down lower.”

He recognises competition among contractors and consultants, but pleads for free exchange of information that does not contain competitive advantage. Former Buildsafe UAE membership was six contractors, representing 8000 people.

Buildsafe UAE failed

Buildsafe SA administrator David Bass, an enviro, health and safety consultant, brings his idea and major members from the UAE construction sector, where he had called for a national UAE organisation to provide standardised health and safety training and qualifications.

Buildsafe UAE had attracted hostility and opposition from some clients and contractors who did not want to raise their health and safety performance.

“We failed and stopped operating in the UAE two years ago, due to not following correct procedures in forming and registration of Buildsafe. We are set on gaining the appropriate and legally correct format in South Africa”, said Bass.

“The initiative was good, and even other countries like Singapore have approached us to standardise their construction training, but that is not our function. We want to get SA construction stakeholders around a table, identify and solve problems”, he explained to

Bass was health and safety manager at Al Naboodah Contracting, who lamented the problem of training fragmentation among Arabian emirates. They would re-launch Buildsafe UAE,as Buildsafe Qatar, and Buildsafe Dubai, after establishing the body in southern Africa, said Bass at the launch in Kempton Park.

Buildsafe SA downplays their prospective role in health and safety legislation and training standardisation, but does plan to discuss legislation, to develop training material, and to assist training bodies and providers in breaking their impasses.

IOSH Middle East, of which Bass is a member, had also lobbied the UAE for forming one authority as educational body. Some operators say that labour atrocities and a culture of disregard for life and workers health still prevail among small contractors in the UAE.

SA construction alerts and stats

Buildsafe SA would circulate construction safety alerts, best practice advice, resources and statistics. Memership is free and the body is not for profit. Launch members had each voted substantial budgets towards staffing and operating costs.

Members would log their relevant data in an Excel spreadsheet format, and share alerts and advice by email. Competitive data would be stripped of identification, and reported generically. Buildsafe UAE had circulated 1200 alerts in its three years of operation.

“Contractors in Dubai had taken charge of health and safety, since clients had not”, explained Bass at the launch of Buildsafe SA. “Workers were not respected. Clients had resisted construction industry efforts to improve health and safety performance”.

The function is typical of an association or institute serving and industrial sector, implying that current associations and institutes are considered as serving only a defined profession, or as failing in their goals.

Bass advocates that Buildsafe would provide continuity of health and safety information between projects, when some operators may lose track of developments in the practice.

Who’s who in Buildsafe SA

Buildsafe SA members’ delegates on the steering committee at the launch in January 2012 are;
Grahame McCaig, chairman, and MD of Aveng Grinaker-LTA
Aveng Grinaker LTA sherq co-oirdinator Louise Woodburn
Concor delegate Bianca Jutan
Fluor delegate Daniel Thabalala
Irca delegate Wesley Languiera
Nosa delegate Shane Pirie
KBR delegate Paulina Mphasi
Sasol delegate Anton Noordman
Foster Wheeler delegate Sanet Coetzer

Buildsafe SA Occupational Health and Safety technical committee 1, OHS TC1, includes;
Master Builders Association Gauteng delegate Doug Michell
Concor delegate Phillip de Beer
Concor delegate Kruger Richter
SPX DB Thermal delegate Tebogo Mabudusha
Bosch Power Tools delegate Peter du Bruyn
Aveng group delegate Vimal Narsai

Buildsafe SA founding members include;
Fluor health, safety, and environmental director Shane van der Nest
Fluor SA MD, Mark Flower
Foster Wheeler MD Steve Scott
Kaefer Thermal MD George Wardrope
KBR MD, AT Mabuza
Linde Group process plant MD Stephan Glanz
Murray and Roberts chairman Nigel Harvey
Sasol Technology exec director Charl Norden
Sasol Technology HR exec manager Dawid Heymans
Sasol Technology MD Flip de Wet
SPX DB Thermal HSE manager, PW de Bruyn
Wetback safety manager Jay Naidoo

Buildsafe SA institutional members include;
Master Builders SA CEO Pierre Fourie
Master Builders Association Gauteng exec director James Tubb
SAISC, Southern African Institute of Steel Construction, director Spencer Erling
IWH, Institute of Work at Height official Brian Randall
DOL supports Buildsafe SA

Buildsafe consulting members include;
IRCA Africa regional MD Willem van Aswegen, a consulting and training provider
IRCA Global consultant Wesley Longueira, a consulting and training provider
Nosa MD Justin Hobday, a consulting, auditing and training provider

Buildsafe consultants and service providers include;
Ubique EHS MD, and Buildsafe SA launch secretary, David Bass (CMIOSH, DipRSA, FIRSM)
Aveng group official Frances Maree
Raintree CEO Richard Lawton, culture change and industrial theatre
Ascentys director Howard Feinberg, an IT provider
Clickspace director Jonty Stephan, an IT provider

Among the delegates who expressed an interest in joining Buildsafe, is a University of Johannesburg researcher into construction small and medium enterprises. There is general agreement on ‘collusion’ for health and safety information, and lowering barriers to entry into construction health and safety management, data, and information, for the majority of about 55 000 construction contractors.

Buildsafe SA to reduce injuries

McCaig spoke of a ‘big, bold step” and “industry muscle” aiming at “personal responsibility for safety, and for other people’s safety at work”, aiming to reduce the annual construction toll of 42 deaths, 180 disabling injuries, 6800 [reportable] incidents, and 20 000 lost days, with a calculable cost of R300-million, according to FEM figures.

Construction safety bodies

Construction legislative, statutory, professional and membership bodies include;

• ACOHS, Department of Labour (DOL) Advisory Council on Occupational Health and Safety
• ACOHS proposed OHSTEC, OHS Technical Committee, was in the Construction Regulations Amendment draft of 2010, opposed by some public comment in 2011, and may be deleted in the 2012 amendment.
• SACPCMP, SA Council for Project and Construction Management Professions, is a DOL statutory body under section 2 of the Project and Construction Management Act, 48 of 2000 and seven construction related Acts.
• CBE, Council for the Built Environment, represents six construction professions, and acts as champion of governance, appropriate health standards, safety, environmental protection, and training standards.
• Engineering Council of SA
• Council for Architectural Profession
• Council for Quantity Surveying Profession
• Council for Property Valuers Profession
• Council for Landscape Architectural Profession
• Council for Project and Construction Management Professions.
• ACHASM, Association of Construction Health and Safety Management, formed in 2005 to develop and maintain construction health and safety best practice, and build information platforms among built environment professions, to share information.
• ECSA, Engineering Council of SA, statutory body, registers engineers in nine disciplines.
• CESA, Consulting Engineers of SA, registers consulting engineering companies on a voluntary basis.
• CIDB, Construction Industry Development Board, is a statutory body to reform the construction sector, keep a register of contractors, and with PPC and NURCHA, publish contractor management guidelines for small contractors.
• SAFCEC, SA Federation of Civil Engineering Contractors, an employer organisation.
• AIAs, Approved Inspection Authorities, are registered consultants, whose services could be enforced by the 2012 Construction Regulations amendment.
• PROCSA, Professional Consultants Services Agreement Committee
• NIOH, National Institute of Occupational Health, and NHLS, National Health Laboratory Services
• CETA, Construction Seta, regulates training and offers assessment for recognition of prior learning (RPL).
• SAIOH, Institute for Occupational Hygiene, registers OH and occupational hygiene practitioners.
• MBSA, Master Builders SA, a voluntary membership body.
• IoSM, Institute of Safety Management, a voluntary body tha formed various councils and boards like OSPC, OHSAP and NOSHBO.
• SAIOSH, SA Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, a voluntary body.
• Environmental bodies include SAIEH, SA Institute of Environmental Health, and SAIEA, Southern African Institute for Environmental Assessment.
• FEM, statutory SA construction insurer, records construction incident losses, and reports these figures on a general and anonymous percentage basis.
• Organisations with limited roles in construction sheq include ESSA, Ergonomics Society, and SARPS, Radiation Protection Society.

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PHOTO; Buildsafe SA launch chairman, and Aveng Grinaker LTA group MD, Grahame McGaig. The new body had been working confidentially in southern Africa for four months to involve construction employers, contractors, consultants and clients, based on the membership of the former Buildsafe UAE.


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