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Leading UK engineers are reassessing construction health and safety practice standards, and rolling out self-assessment software worldwide.

Four leading engineering companies, Atkins, Arup, Halcrow and Mott MacDonald, set up a Consultants H&S Forum to share good practice and set a new benchmark in standard construction procedure, reports The UK magazine Construction and Maintenance.

The engineers and Construction Skills jointly developed a software assessment programme for international application. Participants are awarded certificates if they respond correctly to 50 questions randomly selected from a bank of 500 standardised questions.

The new assessment programme would be rolled out in the Middle East, India, Asia Pacific, Africa, Europe and North America.

Construction workers are three to four times more likely than other workers to die at work.

Construction Skills also offers training and awards. The UK already uses a Construction Skills health and safety test for card schemes like CPCS and CSCS. -Construction and Maintenance


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