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USA. A report out of New Jersey has confirmed the death of a worker in a chocolate factory, who was killed when he fell into a vat of chocolate at a food plant in Camden.

The 29-year old temporary employee was standing on a 2,5m high platform , dumping pieces of solid chocolate into the vat when he fell and was struck by a piece of moving equipment in the vat, that is used to stir the melted chocolate.

Although other workers switched off the machine and tried to rescue him, they were too late and he was pronounced dead. Vincent Smith jr was in the vat for about ten minutes before a rescue crew arrived.

The chocolate reaches 49C as it is being melted before being shipped out to other companies that make chocolate bars and other sweets.

The matter is being investigated by the Federal Occupational Health and Safety Administration which is part of the US Department of Labour as well as other agencies.

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