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South Africa. Reckitt Benckiser, manufacturers of Dettol, have had to recall nearly 25 000 bottles after it was discovered that they were contaminated with acetone and butoxyethanol, two harmful and toxic chemicals.

Reckitt Beckinser has begun a campaign to urgently recall all 750 bottles with the batch numbers 55726, 55730, 55732 and 55734 with an expiry date of 02/2011 which were found to contain the health and safety hazardous chemicals.

Spokesperson for the company, Eunice Mogotloane appealed to consumers who experienced skin, eye, or nose irritation, to seek medical attention immediately.

Ms Mogotloane added that the products would not have any detrimental health effects as the contamination levels were minimal.

Direct notification is already in motion to recall the contaminated products from all health care professionals, hospitals, retail and wholesale traders.

According to Ms Mogotloane, the 24 800 bottles put on the market in mid-March, were recalled when tests showed that some of the raw materials used in the manufacturing process had been contaminated with acetone and butoxyethanol chemicals.

Recalling of the antiseptic began on the 22nd of April and only five consumers were confirmed as having possession of the contaminated antiseptic.

Some of the reported side effects of acetone include headaches, light-headedness, and fatigue; inhalation can cause dizziness, drowsiness, nauseau, vomiting or even death.

Butoxyethanol is highly toxic and short term exposure can cause irritation to the eyes, skin and kidney damage, whereas long term exposure can lead to blood disorders.

Source: The Daily News