Labour compliance March 2012 conference program

A free four day SA DOL health and safety compliance conference on 2012 March 6 -9 in Boksburg, includes a choice of 46 presentations, listed below.

The South African Department of Labour (DOL) Inspection and Enforcement Services (IES) hosts the marathon conference, the first of its kind, including a presentation on a construction health and safety professional accreditation policy framework on the first day, March 6, 2012.

Construction business organisations are aware that the SA Council for Project and Construction Management Professions (SACPCMP) is leading the development of a construction safety practice accreditation or registration process, but there is no indication yet on what qualifications would be required for ‘accreditation’.

Clare Deacon of the SACPCMP presents a construction ergonomics theme just before the allocated ‘accreditation’ theme, and her former colleague Prof John Smallwood of Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) also presents a construction HS specifications theme on the same day.

Prof Smallwood is one of the initiators of a drive for registration of construction safety advisors, but he is said to have left the SACPCMP process where he had been involved for some years.

Other DOL compliance conference highlights are the first address to a general health and safety conference by Labour minister Mildred Oliphant, who is a former labour union official in KZN province.

There is also a Major Hazard Installation (MHI) stream, electrical safety regulation stream, and diving regulation stream, including the SA standard for overhead power lines, and a large number of occupational health and hygiene presentations, including HIV and AIDS management by the SABS.

====    March 6, Tuesday

08:00 Registration 
08:30 State of OHS in SA, by Labour Inspectorate deputy DG
09:30 International status of OHS, by ILO

• Occupational Health and Hygiene risk assessment and management stream

11:00 Occupational hygienists’ roles in HS risk management, by Dr C Badenhorst (PhD, Occ Hyg), group occupational hygienist at Anglo American

11:45 Automated systems in health and hygiene staff risk management, by Dr Greg Kew, occupational medicine specialist

12:20 Effective use of risk assessments to reduce injuries and diseases at work, by Rob Ferrie of SAIOH

• Construction Safety stream

11:00 Designing for construction health and safety and ergonomics, nature and contents of health and safety specifications, by Prof John Smallwood (PhD Constr Man, Pr CM FCIOB MACPM MESSA MIoSM) of Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU)

11:45 Construction Ergonomics, by Clare Deacon of SA Council for Project and Construction Management Professions (SACPCMP)

12:20 Construction health and safety professional accreditation policy framework, by a presenter to be confirmed

• OHH, HIV and TB at work stream

14:00 HIV and AIDS management systems, by SABS
14:40 HIV and TB in the workplace, by Muzi of NIOH
15:20 Occupational health and safety in health care sector, by NIOH

• Lifts and Pressure Equipment Safety stream

14:00 Inspection and Testing of Lifts, by Philippe Lamalle
14:40 Risk Based Equipment, by Dawie Olivier or Dennis Fischer
15:20 Handling of LPG in domestic and industrial use, by Alison Abbot

====  2012 March 7, Wednesday

08:30 Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations, by chief inspector
09:30 Health and safety management systems, by SABS

• OHH Medical Surveillance and Biological Monitoring stream

11:00 Risk Based Medical Surveillance, by V Govender
11:45 Effective Industrial Audiometry and Spirometry tests, by SASOM
12:20 Medical surveillance and SMMEs, by SASOHN

• Occupational Safety Major Hazard Installation (MHI) stream

11:00 MHI Regulations, by R Ramabulane of DOL
11:45 Risk Management during MHI, by Tibor Szana of DOL
12:20 Accreditation of MHI, by Eben of Sanas

• OHH Measuring and Control of exposure to Physical stressors

14:00 How effective are Ergonomics Assessments in SA, by Andrew Todd, ESSA chairperson
14:40 Ventilation system design and monitoring, by JJ Van Staden, senior occupational hygienist at Anglo Platinum
15:20 Monitoring of thermal stressors, by M De Beer of Anglo American

• Electrical safety legislation stream

14:00 Electrical legislation, by Jacob Malatse and P Laubscher of DOL
14:40 Hazardous Location and Electrical Safety, by Dr J Auret
15:20 SA standard for overhead power lines, by W Sewchand

==== 2012 March 8, Thursday

08:30 Globally harmonised systems for labeling and packaging chemicals, by Liz Anderson
09:30 Accreditation processes, by SANAS

• OHH chemicals stream

11:00 Construction and MHI presenters
11:45 Chemicals Safety
12:20 Chemicals Safety in Agriculture

• Chemicals safety stream

11:00 Storage and re-use of Chemical Drums, by Liz Anderson
11:45 Rotterdam Convention and SA National Action Plan, by Agriculture Department
12:20 Environmental theme, by Department of Environmental Affairs

• Diving proposed legislation amendments

14:00 Driver competency and training, by Ms B Thompson
14:40 Diving and medicine, by Dr J Meintjes
15:20 Safety, environment and legislation as key to zero injuries in diving projects, by D Berrow

• New Regulations stream

14:00 Construction regulations, by P Mapaha
14:40 General safety regulations, by Tibor Szana of DOL
15:20 Safety of Driven Machinery, by M Monyaki

19:00 Gala dinner for invited guests, address by DG or minister Oliphant

==== 2012 March 9, Friday

08:30 Occupational Health and Safety Act and ILO, by V van Vuuren
09:10 Health and safety in informal business, by B Krisnasamy of NIOH
10:00 Business perspective on OHS in SA, by Busa
11:00 Workers perspective on OHS in SA, by Fedusa, Nactu, Cosatu
12:00 OHS in SA, by Labour minister Mildred Oliphant

Initial invitations noted a national conference, but the agenda is headed “OHS international conference”. The conference, aiming to attract a thousand delegates, is theme is ‘Road to Zero’.

SA Labour minister Oliphant has a “programme of action aimed at ensuring a decent and safe working environment, as well as monitoring impact on legislation and strengthening institutional capacity of the Department.”

Minister Oliphant said that “interaction would help to improve compliance with occupational health and hygiene standards and legislation. This requires a team effort and interaction between the department, employers, workers and industry bodies.”

DOL Compensation Fund figures notes rising numbers of deaths and disablement by occupational injuries or diseases in these non-mining high risk industrial sectors, like iron and steel, logistics, agriculture, construction, food and beverage.

DOL is expected to explain its current review of the OHS Act and its Regulations, with the Construction Regulations amendment expected to be promulgated in 2012.

• To attend the SA DOL National Occupational Health and Safety conference, contact or 012 3094408, or or 012 309 4399.

PHOTO; SA Labour minister Mildred Oliphant will address a public health and safety compliance conference, and a DOL gala dinner in March 2012.

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