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Eskom and electrical supplier Ellies are installing free CFL bulbs, geyser timers and smaller showerheads at SA households in March 2012.

Householders may log on to and enter required household details, or call 0861 355 437 to schedule a visit by an EE installer. Elsat accredited installers are visiting 200 000 homes to replace incandescent and halogen light bulbs with energy efficient lamps.

The aim of Project Power Save campaign is to save 45 megawatts (MW) from the national grid.

Geyser timers are installed on electrical geysers, with energy and water efficient showerheads free of charge. Eskom bears the cost of the equipment and installation, per Watt saved.

Ellies Renewable Energy also offers solar geysers and wind turbines, says Gary Wiltshire.  “We are using a network of installers, systems, call centres and offices to champion the project”.

All households qualify for free replacements. Visit and enter required household details, or call 0861 355 437 to schedule a project visit.

Energy saving project procedure and security check

Do not respond to door to door callers. Log on to and enter required household details, or call 0861 355 437 to schedule a project visit.

Keep old incandescent and halogen lamps ready for exchange.

Check accreditation of installers at your gate, before allowing them on your premises, by checking these five items;
* ID Book and face
* Project Power Save correspondence
* EE installer number
* Campaign pamphlet bearing installers stamp
* Ellies Installation voucher
* Confirm with a call centre on 0861 355 437 or

The website may be down or slow due to huge traffic volumes, explained an Elsat call centre official to queries. “The call centre was overwhelemed on the first day, and just took numbers for Ellies staff to call people back”, said the official.

IMAGE: Eskom Elsat power saving installers have five means of identification, including ID, correspondence, EE installer number, pamphlet with stamp, and installation number. Installers badge is similar but not identical to DSTV installers badge.


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  1. Please advise contact details for the energy saving project, I am the owner of Tradestone Ttechnologies and I want a contract to change and install power saving bulbs in Johannesburg area.

  2. We have installed a solar geyser of 200 litres, but the water pressure is too low, because of that we are thinking of reverting back to our electric geyser. Is there a way that Eskom could increase solar geyser water flow? if so, we will keep on using solar power,

  3. Do Ellies CFL bulbs deliver the same lumen and lux values as incandesent bulbs? Could you state these values so we can compare them to other CFL brands?
    Does Eskom buy these bulbs from Ellies? People in my area complain about the performance of various energy saver bulbs, they say they are dim and they revert back to incandesent bulbs
    How does an Ellies bulb stand up to other rated brands in terms of price and performance? Will these bulbs leave people smiling or have them questioning the brightness of energy savers? Is it ‘game on’ for energy savers, or ‘game over’?

  4. I have seen a bulb, its labelled Eskom and states not for sale. The bulb appears to be dull, surely not as bright as an incandesent bulb. I would say its a game over. Being a marine engineer safety health, eviroment and quality is something I am posed with daily. I started to compare other brands, and with the generousity of a wholesaler I managed to get GE bulbs at 20rands. I took the bulbs to my community, explained the benifits, the safety when fitting and disposal, it sold like hot cakes, people removed the free bulbs. My opinion is the whole Ellies Eskom bulb changing is a shot in the foot. Had I not demonstrated my bulbs to people, it would have been game over in my area for energy saver bulbs of all brands.

  5. At about a month ago 2 young men attired in Eskom branding & identity cards fitted a geyser timer in our home for a geyser that is not yet a year old. Yesterday the thermostat & safety valve had to be replaced by a reputable plumbing company. According to my reliable source it appears that the geyser timer was the cause of the damage. We have also had to call in a qualified electrician to have the the timer removed at our cost of many 100’s of rands.. This project is evidently futile & I pity the poorer people out there who might have to beg or borrow to have their geyser timers removed, let alone those who might end up hiring backdoor electricians just to pay a a lower fee. All of this unnecessary spending could feed their families.

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