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The African Union Commission headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, hosted a workshop on first aid, health and safety for 26 workers in August 2011.

The program was organised by the African Union Commission (AUC) Medical Service Directorate (MSD), and Tebita Ambulance Services, presented by anesthetist Kibret Abebe, Sirak Gugsa, an orthopedic nurse at Black Lion Hospital,  Dr Elias Ahmed of Orthopedic AAU, Sgt Assefa Mezgebu of Addis Ababa police, and AUC staff.

AU Medical Services director Dr Yankuba Gassama handed certificates to 26 trainees for first aid, health safety training, sponsored by AU Commission and Tebita Ambulance. The certificate qualifies trainees to manage first aid to victims of injuries at loss incident sites, before arrival of professional emergency response workers.

Anesthetist Kibret Abebe defined emergency injury and exposure prevention, symptons, first aid, treatment and management, including electrical shock, fainting and unconscious asphexia.

Orthopedic nurse Sirak Gugsa raised awareness and knowledge of emergency victim handling and transportation, including injuries like closed limb fractures, open limb fractures, pelvic injuries, upper limb amputation, and emergency response and first aid techniques relevant to different types of incidents.

Gugsa also discussed use of emergency materials like splints, padding and bandages. Moving injured people away from hazards, if circumstances dictate, required two, three or four men per patient, depending on the type and degree of injury. Extreme care should be taken when handling a suspected fracture during first aid on site.

Dr Elias Ahmed focused on spinal cord injuries and common injuries like wounds, bleeding, burns and poisoning, each requiring different first aid responses.

Sgt Assefa Mezgebu described various causes of recent incidents in Addis Ababa, many being related to alcohol abuse, fatigue, use of mobile phones while working or driving, seat belts not used, speeding, violations, and short following distances.

PHOTO; AU Commission first aid, health and safety risk prevention presenters and traineed in Addis Ababa in August 2011.


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