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SOUTH AFRICA. Schools in Gauteng and the Western Cape, in association with Collect-a-Can, MySchool and Pan Macmillan have achieved a new record for the most steel cans collected in one month for recycling.

The event was attended by Guinness World Records adjudicator, Nadine Causey.

This successful record attempt was one of many attempts made internationally ahead of Guinness World Records Day 2007, on Thursday 8 November.

The schools achieved the following phenomenal results at each of Collect-a-Can’s four plants: Vanderbijlpark 4836.5kg (154 957 cans); Aeroton 18836.5kg (603 259 cans); Pretoria 26293kg (843 926 cans) and Cape Town 11476kg (368 884 cans).

“We estimated a total of 2.2bn cans to be produced in 2007. The 2 million cans for the Guinness Record is just below 10 percent of the total production for 2006,” said Funani Mojono, managing director of Collect-a-Can at the ceremony in Johannesburg.

“This is phenomenal given the spread of the competition, we could achieve 90 percent recovery rate if everyone put in an effort similar to the one put in by these schools. We would like to thank all participating schools.”

This project will run again next year, and the intent is to involve other provinces, showing children across the country how important it is to protect the environment and the part they can play in doing so.

Schools will also be able to achieve an independent income based on their collection activities.

An awards ceremony was held on Monday at Collect-a-Can plants in Epping and Vanderbijlpark for the schools, which made the biggest contribution to the attempt, namely Oasis Association School in the Western Cape and Dirk Postma Pre-Primary School in Gauteng.

Source: BuaNews