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Sky News’ Super Foam Fends Off Swinging Shovel article reports about a revolutionary new foam has been developed which its makers claim can protect people from pain and injury when they hit something at speed – or when something hits them.

The secret formula inside the D3O putty means the greater the impact the more resilient it becomes. In its raw state, the substance looks like translucent orange putty which you can squeeze and mould without effort.

Recently the US ski teams tested suits containing D3O foam which successfully prevented serious injury when team members careered into fence posts and trees at speeds in excess of 60mph!

The foam is only effective when placed against a part of the body where the bone is close to the surface, such as an elbow, knee or skull.

What it cannot do is provide any protection for areas where there is no immediate resistance, such as the abdomen.

So here is my suggestion for the pro-active Health & Safety department who wants to get their manager something really special this Christmas. Why not get him a mouse pad?Bang Your Head Here

Yes, yes I know the mouse pad is redundant, but my idea is so revolutionary, it might lead to a resurgence in mouse pad users!

This year get your Health & Safety manager a mouse pad made from the D30 foam.

Maybe with a “Bang your Head here” sign printed on it. I’m quite sure that the average manager will quickly be able to understand when and how to use his new user-friendly and multi-purpose safety equipment.

If rumours are floating around about the Health & Safety budget being cut next year, then maybe such a present would be much appreciated.

Hey, remember to watch the D30 putty video demonstration after you have read the Sky News article.


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