Incident Investigation Course

COURSE DATE: 22-23 June 2011


Learners who achieve accreditation for this module are able to fulfill legal compliance requirements & participate in or lead an incident investigation procedure in the workplace. They will be able to collect evidence, identify the basic & root causes of incidents, document findings, complete necessary records & legal compliance reports, & propose effective recommendations to prevent a future recurrence.

Incidents can be prevented. Incidents cost money. Incidents affect peoples’ quality of lives permanently and negatively. Through applying effective incident investigation principles it is possible to prevent similar incidents from happening again. It is not as easy as one thinks it is to work with witnesses and other information and to get to a fair outcome of finding the facts and not finding fault.


At the end of this course, with the use of the Incident Investigation course manual, you will be able to:

  • Discuss incident investigation terminology
  • Identify the difference between cause and effect
  • Apply the principles of control
  • Differentiate between unsafe acts and conditions
  • Apply the ISSMEC principle
  • Discuss the Frank Bird ratio
  • Identify the pre-event assessment : probability and consequence
  • Identify what is needed – kit preparation
  • Discuss the pre-event planning requirements
  • Classify incidents
  • Differentiate between immediate and root cause analysis
  • Evaluate and document findings
  • Identify risks – weighting, control methods and costing
  • Apply the “Four T’s”
  • Identify applicable extracts from legislation
  • Look at examples of records / forms
  • Understand reference & assessment documents
  • Explain the purpose, scope, and benefits of incident investigations
  • Plan and prepare for investigations
  • Identify, collect, and evaluate information and supporting evidence
  • Determine and meet legal and company recording, reporting, and follow-up requirements


It is advisable and highly recommended to have prior knowledge and skill in terms of health & safety within an organisational structure before enrolling into this course. This course is presented at a high level and fast pace.


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