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The SA census from 10 October 2011 may be exploited by criminals for identity theft and fraud. ID and banking details are not part of the census.

Citizens should check census enumerator identification and not disclose ID numbers or banking info.

Enumerators would count people living at each address by name, age, gender, race, and some other relevant data. They may ask your salary range, but respondents need not disclose their income.

Each census worker carries a badge, an SA Census Bureau canvas bag, and a confidentiality notice.  Ask to see these items before answering questions. Citizens need not invite enumerators into their homes.

Photos of local census workers are posted on posters at local business centres in each residential area.

“Do not give your identity number, credit card or banking information to anyone”, said Security Management Consultants operations manager Marinda Hartzenberg.

No census sales talk

Stats SA does not want to know citizens’ bank account, credit card numbers, donations, IDs, or business registration numbers. No other consulting companies, security service providers, estate agents, or sales people form part of the SA census.

No census email

Census workers may contact citizens only by telephone, by mail, or at home. SA census would not use email. Do not open emails or links that mentions SA Census, Stats SA, or (USA) ‘Census Bureau’.

People should be cooperative, but cautious, so as not to become a victim of fraud or identity theft.

Some identity theft scams operate by bogus security people collecting business cards at public events. Some telesales bureau agents collect cell phone numbers and email addresses from event and competition organisers.

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No electronic devices

Solidarity reseaercher Paul Jouber writes; South African census workers do not have hand held data capturing devices, only paper forms.

You had initially posted some incorrect information about the census, in a mixture of correct and incorrect information. The incorrect information originates from a letter circulated by Security Management Consultants, SMC, that was copied from the USA 2010 census and does not apply to South Africa.

That incorrect letter had been retracted by SMC, but it was forwarding and appeared on many websites, including the SABC, and other security companies.

I do not work for Statistics South Africa, but as a researcher, I have an interest in census data.

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IMAGE: SA Census 2011 logo. Use of the logo SA Census 2011, or the motto ‘You count’, is no guarantee that the bearers are census enumerators.


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