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Today I want to refer to the recent Durban oil blaze and my previous post about Bad PR- The Risk that got away.

On 2007-9-19 an article was posted to the web at NEWS:

Durban – One person was reported missing following a blaze at the Island View storage depot in Durban on Wednesday.

Managing director of Island View Storage, Kobus Ehlers, confirmed that there was an employee missing.

“His car is here but he is nowhere to be found,” he said.

So, … here we have the Managing director telling the world that either:

  1. His emergency response procedure makes provision for counting the cars to see who should be present after a disaster, or
  2. At the time of the incident, an effective emergency response system was not in place, that is why some-one had to quickly run to the car park, or

You know, I could probably go on and on about this.


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