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South Africa. Durban police last week discovered an Internet sex business a few floors above a police station and closed it down due to Health and Safety reasons.

Metro Police were attending to an attempted suicide on the eighth floor of Nichol Square Building in Monty Naicker (Pine) Street when a scantily clad woman emerged from a doorway to see what the commotion was about.

The police felt compelled to investigate. Captain Kacey Naicker said when police saw the negligee-clad woman, they decided to investigate, but were shocked by the scene awaiting them.

Behind the nondescript door with its heavy security gate was a set of stairs. With no air conditioning, the “office” was hot, but not as steamy as the action inside the 30-odd cubicles.

Superintendent Wiseman Mchunu said the police had found young women playing with sex toys in front of cameras. “It is the first time we have come across anything like this. We saw things [sex toys] that I did not know existed ” Mchunu said.

In the cubicles, the police found attractive young women in various stages of undress, acting out the fantasies of men thousands of kilometres away. Each room was equipped with computers, webcams (in various positions) and a double bed.

Pornography is not illegal in South Africa, but police said the business were closed down until the paperwork was in order and the company had complied with Health and Safety regulations.

The “working girls” have started to spring clean the establishment while waiting for the company’s legal representatives to sort matters out.

A Metro Health and Safety inspector will inspect the “office” before the women are allowed to resume their positions in front of the camera.

Source: Sunday Independant


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