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From Rusty Hunter, Catervent; I need SA specifications for airflow in commercial kitchen extractor canopies, or should we follow European or USA standards?

They seem to have such standards in England and America, but I found no standards for South Africa. Our conditions in South Africa are not the same as in Europe. We have been in this business for 18 years and never had a hygiene or compliance problem, however one company wants to know and to follow the South African specifications.

We can not work to European standards. It seems that they now want to impose their standards on us.

USA ventilation standards

From Kevin A. Renton, senior occupational hygienist, National Institute for Occupational Health, and honorary lecturer, School of Public Health, University of the Witwatersrand; There are to my knowledge no kitchen ventilation standards specific to South Africa. However there is little difference between American and South African conditions.

I have three design specs from the American Conference of Governmental Hygienists from 1995. The measurements are unfortunately in imperial units.

An air conditioning engineer, Martin Braun, has access to a more recent edition of the same guidance, on or +27 (0)12 345 4061.

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Kitchen venting contacts

Catervent R Hunter 011 683 9033
Mine Ventilation Soc 4827959
NIOH NHLS +27(0)11 712 6479
SABS F&B ISO 22000 012 428 6017
Turbo Vent 011 613 6921
Vent engineer Martin Braun +27 (0)12 345 4061

PHOTO; Part of one of the three USA design standards.


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