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The labour movement want business and states to initiate health and safety risk management systems at enterprise level, according to a major 2011 ILO report.

A major report launched on World Day for Safety and Health at Work on April 28 in 2011, was marked by International Labour Organisation (ILO) promotions of the value of occupational health, safety and environment risk management systems at macro level, around the world.

An ILO report on ‘OSH Management Systems as a tool for continual improvement’ proposes steps for initiating and applying sheq management systems in business, public authorities and enterprise organisations, up to group level and national level.

The ILO management system value report focuses on high risk sectors like nuclear energy, defence, security, and mining. “Implementation of sheq management systems is critical in helping to reduce occupational fatalities, incidents, diseases and loss”, said the ILO.

World Day for S&H at Work message

Seiji Machida, director of the ILO Safework Programme, said on April 28 2011, World Day for Safety and Health at Work; “I am pleased that many governments, employers and workers organisations, as well as enterprises are… discussing OSH management systems.”

“ILO OSH 2001 Guidelines provide an internationally agreed framework for implementation of occupational safety and health management systems at national and enterprise levels. Many countries have established national frameworks for the promotion of an OSH management system based on ILO Guidelines… including compulsory implementation, certification with incentives, or voluntary application.

“For an effective OSH management system, it is critical to have strong commitment of top management to OSH and assurance of worker participation in all aspects of a management system, including policy formulation… continuous OSH training of all personnel is essential.

“Another important issue is the integration of OSH management into overall business management as a basic component.”

Daily risk of fatality, disease, loss

ILO data estimates 337 million workplace accidents and 2.3 million deaths per year, an average of some 6300 occupational deaths per day, reports The Financial.

“The management systems approach to occupational health and safety… has been introduced in many workplaces during the last decade,” said Seiji Machida, director of the ILO Safework Programme, due to its “usefulness for facilitating continual improvement of health and safety at work.”

Workers should participate in risk management

Machida called for “active participation of workers and management” to maintain “well functioning OHS management systems” in order to “find practical solutions for improving health and safety conditions.”

Events themed on World Day for Safety and Health at Work on April 28 in 2011 included conferences on sheq management systems in Moscow and St Petersburg, in Russia, and Skopje in Macedonia. The first Kazakh International Conference and exhibition on occupational safety and health was hosted in Astana on 28 -29 April 2011.

Tripartite sheq effort

A conference on ‘World Day for a good working environment and occupational attitude’ was held in Oslo, Norway, including Norwegian National Institute of Occupational Health, Petroleum Safety Authority, Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise, Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions and Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority and health and safety research institutions.

Argentina celebrated a week of Safety and Health at Work with conferences, workshops and awareness campaigns in Buenos Aires. The province of Santa Fe organised workshops and seminars on occupational safety themes. Argentina designates 2011 as Year of Decent Work and Health and Safety of Workers.

ILO health and safety events

The ILO Better Work programme and International Finance Corporation (IFC) hosted events in Vietnam with a safety sports run, in Haiti with an OSH fair for garment workers and health and safety management system awareness activities, health checks, and sheq quizzes.

The ILO Beijing Office and the Chinese State Administration of Work Safety hosted a workshop in Tangshan on promoting safety culture and management systems at enterprise level, reports The Financial.

A symposium on OSH was held in Songea, Southern Tanzania, with exhibitions and a best practice competition. OSHA Tanzania collaborated with labour and sectoral employers’ organisations, led by Tanzanian employment minister Gaudensia Kabaka.

Algeria presented workplace health and safety training in Algiers, Tizi Ouzou, Tlemcen and Annaba, led by the Ministry of Work, Employment and Social Security.

PHOTO; Seiji Machida, director of the ILO Safework Programme, promotes integration of health and safety management systems at business enterprise, state and government level.


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