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Developers should be wary of construction impostors, and check on the credentials of contractors and sub contractors, warns Master Builders Association Gauteng.

“We have encountered an alarming number of cases where companies have falsely claimed to be master builders”, said MBA Gauteng exec director James Tubb.

“Some misrepresentations are made by companies that had terminated their membership of MBA Gauteng , and others are made by companies that had never been members.

“Misrepresentation testifies to the value that property developers and owners attach to the skills and status of MBA members.” Master Builders subscribe to a code that includes compliance, as well as health, safety, environment and quality (sheq) management.

“Cases of blatant dishonesty are tantamount to fraud, and are misleading investors that place their trust in MBA members’ good reputation. “We will definitely take action against such transgressors,” said Tubb.

• To verify Master Builders Association (MBA) membership, developers and principal contractors could email or visit to view a list of MBA Gauteng members.

Concrete facts reveal a busy construction year

Cement and Concrete Institute (C&CI) MD Bryan Perrie said that the 2010 to 2011 financial year, like the previous year, was one of the busiest ever in the construction sector in SA.

Concrete applications in 2011 were more diverse and advanced than ever, as revealed by C&CI service logs;
• 69000 landline callers requested technical advice
• 21000 free leaflets distributed
• 8490 free booklets distributed
• 4452 enquiries on cement and concrete matters
• 2915 were electronic and telephonic queries
• 2576 ‘Fundamentals of Concrete Technology’ copies to tertiary students
• 1637 technology publications added to library
• 1292 visitors on C&CI website
• 900 books on concrete technology sold
• 649 items opened on C&CI website portal
• 245 searches on C&CI website portal.

A number of major state, provincial and private projects carried the construction sector during the first recession wave. Other sources indicate that the volume of capital projects, including construction, are declining, and 2011, perhaps also 2012, could be bleak years in construction business.

PHOTO; Master Builders Association Gauteng exec director James Tubb warns developers to check on the credentials of contractors.


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