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Master Builders Association Gauteng changes its name to MBA North in 2012, to incorporate members in Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Limpopo and North West provinces.

MBA regional president Hennie Bester explained the change, and announced a new slogan; “Is your builder a Master Builder?’, at the MBA Gauteng 108th annual general meeting in Midrand.

The construction body had completed a Safe Working Practice manual and also offers a construction health and safety DVD set.

New construction services planned

MBA North is extending its service of member networking, achievement recognition, skills advice, training, tender notification, legal, BEE advice, health and safety, ethics, sustainable ‘green’ energy efficient construction materials and methods.

New construction organised business services would include legal resister, contracts formats, tools re-sale, insurance, car rental, fuel rebates, new technology, sub-sectoral forums like a construction HSE form, and advice to other industries.

MBA North has 622 members, following a decline by half in recent years. New membership criteria are being planned, along with a disciplinary procedure, ethical code upgrade, complaints handling capacity, and star grading for transfer of new technology in to South Africa.

MBA North is also planning to relocate to larger and more centralised premises in Midrand. Two members warned the body’s exco to prioritise and phase in new services, and not all at once.

The changes follow a Master Builders crisis summit in January 2012, where eight construction industry needs were identified, but none were yet sufficiently resolved.

Construction legislation awareness

MBA North is expected to start on training builders in paperwork and administration, then to raise awareness of new building regulations, including the forthcoming Construction Regulations amendment of 2012.

Architects from the sister professional body may be asked to train Master Builders in some legislative and administrative functions.

Some builders are unethical

Bester warned members against “some very aggressive and at times unethical business practice” by some members due to struggling in the current economic slump and construction slump.

“We will assist consumers [investors, developers and principal contractors] against unethical builders, and discipline members who do not deliver contracted service”, Bester warned.

“Consumers must want to hire Master Builders. Price must not be the only consideration. Quality of work and support should be decisive factors.”

MBA North president Bester was re-elected, Croydon Schmidt re-elected as vice-president. New exec members are Gretchen van den Berg of Elevate Construction, and Andrew McFarlane of Danking CC.

PHOTO; Master Builders North president Hennie Bester called on younger members to play larger roles in organised construction business.


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