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Mining growth is raising employment, as well as safety and health compliance efforts, personal protective equipment (PPE) sales, and PPE technology innovation.

General mining employment picks up, so does PPE sales, according to an analysis by Frost and Sullivan, posted at under ‘Global Mining Industry Personal Protective Equipment Markets. Virtual brochures of the study could be requested via, by emailing your corporate details.

PPE market revenues reached US$1.02-billion in 2009 and earnings could reach US$1.38-b by 2016. Rising use of PPE responds in part to enforcement of health and safety legislation.

Reduction in employment and operational activity during the financial crisis, had affected the PPE industry, and one of the results was a gradual increase in lower quality and lower priced PPE imports, pressuring PPE suppliers in USA, Canada, Australia and South Africa, fuelling price wars among PPE manufacturers.

Frost and Sullivan found that health and safety performance in high potential mining regions like China, South America, South Africa and other developing nations, was “generally low. There is little importance attached to health and safety, resulting in poor compliance and usage of PPE.

“However, this situation is changing, with governments passing more stringent safety regulation,” said Frost and Sullivan Research Analyst Ashwini Ravishankar.

PPE is “an extremely price sensitive market, in already straitened circumstances. Mining companies are looking at products that offer best value for money. End users want more innovative solutions that meet their health and safety protection needs.”

Hearing protection high tech

Technological advancements in the relatively mature hearing protection market, like ear muffs that incorporate active noise reducing (ANR) technologies, are attracting a lot of interest in certain mining industries,” said Ravishankar.

PPE products offering more comfort, performance, and functionality are likely to phase out existing products, catalyzing growth in mining industry PPE technology and design.

Frost and Sullivan had also published research into Asia Pacific personal protective equipment markets, in July 2010, and research into Western European industrial protective clothing, in October 2010.

PHOTO; The worst hearing protection I have ever had to wear, writes editor SHEQafrica of this pair of imported ‘budget price’ disposable ear pugs. PPE is a ‘price sensitive market’, but some employers opt for value or specific performance specs instead.


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  1. Please provide us with a price list of mining and smelter personal protective equipment (PPE) products, we are looking for a reliable supplier.
    Former editor replies; does not sell or endorse PPE products, you could approach advertisers or SAPEMA with your specifications.


    no description specification unit quantity
    1 PVC gloves 400:500 long heavy duty gloves pair 4850
    2 Mutton Cloth 500g grade A roll 3023
    3 Cotton stocking Knee high pair 3737
    4 Face towel 100% cotton standard face cloth each 2633
    5 towels 100% cotton standard towel each 2578
    6 Pblack Plastic sheets 100 meters roll roll 260

  3. Noise suppression, speech enhancement, hearing protection communication equipment allows communication via two way radio; short-range FM and Bluetooth, and allows workers to be situationally aware while remaining protected. Intrinsically safe internationally accredited options are available for high risk underground mining.

  4. Could you please quote for me on these PPE items:
    One piece Overall Mining Suite ranging from sizes 30 to 52 in red colour
    Egoli Gumboots ranging from sizes 6 to 13
    Safety boots with steel tips ranging from sizes 6 to 13
    Mining socks
    Pig skin gloves
    Earplugs 3M ultrafit cored
    Safety glasses bugs clear
    Reflective vest lime / zip and id
    Maxiflex gloves
    Hardhats with underground light clamps
    Miner’s unpadded belt

    Regards, V Bula, MD

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