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National Oil Recycling Association of South Africa (Nora SA) estimate that half the 240-m litres of oil used per year is recoverable, and set its 2010 target at 100-m litres.

Best practice in Europe is to collect 50% of collectible used oil. The largest growth in used oil handling in Africa now occurs in informal mechanical services, and the voluntary membership organisation now supplies taxi ranks and small workshops with collection containers. Oil filter recycling is a new service available at FFS, based in Chloorkop.

Nora SA chairman Leon van Dyk said at an AGM in February in Kempton Park that the volume of work done by formal vehicle service companies is shrinking, while smaller and informal workshops are growing.

The SA environmental crimes prosecuting authority, Green Scorpions, are said to be actively enforcing environmental leglslation, and responding to public complaints of environmental degradation. Collectors assist lubricants users in environmental compliance.

Collectors range from one vehicle operations, to small fleets, each making their own deals with waste generators and processors. Nora SA itself does not collect, but provides infrastructure and assistance to collectors instead. The organisation and its members are careful to not fall foul of anti-competitive legislation.

Enviro incentives

Environmental advisor Lihle Roland Mqayi was appointed to audit collectors, transporters, bulking facilities and processors, and to assist members on compliance issues.

Nora SA and the Rose Foundation pay ‘environmental incentives’ to recyclers against ‘dry’ litres collected, said Rose chairman Andre de Wet.

Five used oil bulking facilities have been established by Nora SA, including Weenen and Pietermaritzburg, with three more to follow in Burgersfort, Rustenburg and Richards Bay, with capacities of 80 000 litres each.

Demand slump

World demand for petrol would gradually slow to a growth of only 2% per year by 2020, and diesel demand to 3% growth per year, in the next 10 years.

The figure was cited by Shell SA chairperson Bonang Mohale. He also noted that the recession had permanently removed demand of 3.5-million barrels per day. By 20145, demand would have recovered to only 3.5-million barrels above 2008 levels.

Contrary to the trend, oil recyclers are set to collect 80-million litres this year, as their business continues to grow the volume of recovery of waste oil from mines, transport, vehicles and machine service operators.

PHOTO; Nora SA chairman Leon van Dyk.


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