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UAE oil and gas operators had increased oil safety management and industrial culture efforts since a National Oil and Gas Authority (NOGA) was established five years ago.

Recent enviro friendly projects in Bahrain, for example, include a low sulphur diesel project of US$700-m, and a US$150-m refinery of gas desulphurisation project.

Oil and gas SHEQ practitioners met in Bahrain at the SPE Middle East Health, Safety, Security and Environment conference and exhibition in October 2010.

SHEQ culture v corporate culture

Topics included the importance of HSE training and support required by organisations to evolve HSE culture to an interdependent culture, closing gaps between expectations and mechanisms of delivering high quality HSE programmes.

SHEQ culture debate panelists included industrialists like Nick Beeson, CEO and MD of Baker Hughes operations in Egypt, Libya and Jordan, Ibraheem Assaadan, GM of Drilling for Saudi Aramco, Ali Al Jarwan, CEO of ADMA-OPCO, and Faisal Al Mahroos, CEO of BAPCO.

The conference discussed investment in HSE staffing, procedures, and policies to ensure meeting best global practice petrochemical HSE standards.

HSE management, behaviour based safety, and occupational health were key topics. SHEQ professionals of QP, Dolphin Energy, Kuwait Oil Company, Halliburton and BP, addressed leadership and commitment required for HSE excellence, how to create a safety culture, misconceptions about behaviour safety, tuberculosis management, and human factors design for ageing workers.

Political security risks

Conference topics included project risk assessment from a security perspective, against a background of political unrest in parts of the Middle East, posing increasing risk to employees, investments and reputation.

Dr Abdul-Hussain bin Ali Mirza, UAE Minister of Oil and Gas Affairs, opened the fifth regional SPE, hosted for three days by the Society of Petorleum Engineers, SPE.

Mexican Gulf disaster response

SPE 2011 organisers will focus on oil sheq responses to the Gulf of Mexico Horizon drilling platform blowout disaster.

Waleed Refaay, MD SPE Middle East, North Africa and India, commended support for the conference from employers, industry, and high level delegates.

High level oil SHEQ awards

SPE Regional Honours and Awards recognised technical and professional contributors. The event is endorsed by Bahrain Health and Safety Society, International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (OGP), IPIECA and IOSH.

The event is hosted by the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), a non profit professional association of engineers working in energy resources development and production.
SPE serves 92 000s members in 117 countries with technical knowledge related to oil and gas exploration and production. Visit

PHOTO; Low sulphur diesel plant in Bahrain, UAE. Petrochemical sheq practitioners are discussing how to close the gap between corporate culture and HSE culture.


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