How to download process safety guides

The SA Process Safety Forum shares and circulates free resources, including an electronic library, PS indicators guide, case studies, and failures guide.

IQPC offers these complimentary downloads relevant to process safety management;

Effective communication for the contractors’ grass root workforce in oil and gas industry – (key to improved HSE results)

Tenets of Turnover System Safety Review TSSR – Pre-Startup Safety Review (PSSR) 29 CFR 1910.119(i)

Basics for effective Process Safety Management

Comparative study between Process Based Safety Management Systems and Integrated (EHS) Safety Management Systems for the Oil and Gas Industry

Process Safety Indicators guide

Ian Thorpe, of the UK Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE), presenter of a PS course in SA, listed in the conference diary, reports that process safety people in the UK are discussing similar issues as in SA, including process safety indicators, and learning from incidents.

The guidance HSG 254 on Developing process Safety Indicators is posted at

Process fire case study

A report on the Allied Colloids fire is posted at

Dutch process failures guide

A Dutch hazardouw process guide, informally named ‘Dutch Purple Book’, is available for free in English on the web. The Purple Book is useful to identify likely failures that could lead to hazards, and guides selection of appropriate equipment. Visit

Human process safety factors

A paper on ‘Human Factors in Process Safety and Risk Management; Needs for Models, Tools and Techniques’ was circulated to forum members to comment on. An inspection toolkit is posted at

Haz material traps

Hazardous materials are sometimes trapped in lines or in equipment, and not suspected by operators or workers. Process trapping of hazardous substances should be included in the first level of HAZOP studies. Decomposition of chemicals trapped in pipe lines for extended periods should be considered a major hazard.

PS aspects for engineering courses
The South African Process Safety Forum is identifying and prioritising process safety aspects for inclusion in engineering curriculi at universities. A discussion and reference document was updated, since a workshop on high priority elements at the next PSF meeting in November 2010.

PS aspects identified as high priority in engineering training include;
PSM elements
Hazard and Operability Study (HAZOP)
Management of change (MOC)
Process hazard analysis (PHA)
Safety and process plant management

The PS Forum had contacted university engineering lecturers. The Forum will meet interested universities to discuss engineering curriculi. CAIA, parent body of the PS Forum, had already had positive interaction with the universities of Cape Town, UNISA and North West.

CAIA had also approached 11 universities’ engineering departments via e-mail, mail, and telephone. Five faculties responded positively. CAIA will arrange meetings, guest lectures and discussions on process safety training.

Process safety courses

A PSF training group had recommended Clova Business Solutions to develop training material and supply training to process safety officials. Three courses will be developed in a phased format. Intellectual property right of the training material would remain with CAIA.

The PSF runs an annual process safety workshop, in collaboration with Responsible Care, presented in Johannesburg and in Durban in March 2011.

Process safety auditors

The meeting requested that CAIA approach health and safety auditing firms to send auditors qualified to do process safety audits on the relevant auditors’ course.  Member companies should also be encouraged to send internal process safety auditors on this course.

Chemicals, Responsible Care, and process safety auditors are now listed on the CAIA website.

MHI Regulations review

Barry Little and Maarten Pretorius of Sasol represent employers on the ACHOS Technical Committee reviewing the MHI regulations. Detail of the review was reported on Current review discussion focuses on classification, application, and concession at existing MHIs.

SA Process Safety Forum members include;
Bernhard Eigenhuis, Sasol (chairperson)
Rod Prior, SHE Excellence
Z Mohammed, Omnia
Louise Lindeque, CAIA
Ian Thorpe, UK Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE)
N Anthony, NCP Chlorchem
WA Richert, EQCSA
A King, Chemfit
I Kennon, Safripol
G de Leeuw, BASF
M Madlokazi, Senmin International
C Govender, Sasol Polymers
F Holtzhausen, Sasol 
C Potgieter, BFluor
A Marx, Arch Chemicals
D Arnoldi, Improchem
F Adams, Sasol
G Cundill, AECI
H Moggee, Duco
J van Niekerk, SAFIC
J Crawley, Industrial Oleochemical
J Singh, Dow
J Witi, DEAT
L Rademan, Omnia
M Shull, SA Precious Metals
M van der Scholtz, Omnia
M Chetty, Dow
N Korf, Dow
P Janse van Rensburg,  Omnia
S Smit, Unisa
S Ricketts, Fine Chemicals
T Warburg, Omnia
Z Mohamed, Omnia

PHOTO; SA Process Safety Forum chairperson, Bernhard Eigenhuis, of Sasol.

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