Quality body welcomes sheq pracs and professionals

The SA Society for Quality, SASQ, is extending its scope to represent general sheq practitioners in the quality body.

SASQ had applied to the Services Seta Quality Management committee for recognition as a Schedule 1 organisation. It is represented in the Services Seta QM committee by John Agwa and Mr Moche, under a newly revised Services Seta constitution.

A Services Seta quality official commented to SHEQafrica.com that “the dual process is still underway, and we shall get a verdict by 25 January 2012.”

The body’s scope includes southern Africa, as its full name signifies. It will also offer professional development of practitioners and professionals in all four sheq related disciplines.

SASQ plans to register sheq practitioners

SASQ president Roy Ramphal explains the ideal of continued professional development (CPD) in quality and sheq management: “Professional status requires membership of a professional body that protects a profession. Professionals typically support and involve themselves with their professional bodies.

SASQ professional grades criteria would be developed in 2012. “Professional development applies to all professions. We offer a platform for upgrading quality and sheq skills and knowledge. Professional development refers to skills and knowledge attained for personal development, as well as career advancement.

“Professional development encompasses all types of facilitated learning opportunities, including degrees, courses, conferences, and informal learning in practice. CPD should be intensive and collaborative, ideally incorporating an evaluation stage.

“There are a variety of approaches to professional development, including consultation, coaching, and communities of practice, lesson study, mentoring, reflective supervision and technical assistance”, Ramphal writes in an appeal to sheq practitioners to register with SASQ.

SASQ developing official status

SASQ is associated with three SA state authorities; SA Bureau of Standards (SABS), SAATCA and SANAS, as well as four SA universities; University of Johannesburg (UJ), University of SA (UNISA), Tshwane University of Technology (TUT), Durban University of Technology (DUT).

SASQ is also associated with these employers; ABB, SA Breweries (SAB), RMI, ABI, EOQ, Eskom, Armscor.

The new SASQ structure consists of a council for setting policies and evaluation criteria, as well as a board of directors. SASQ professional grades criteria would be developed in 2012.

SASQ structure

SASQ vice president Motimedi Ndala is also SABS Technical Committee 176 vice chairperson.
SASQ chairperson Dr Vimlan Moonsamy has completed a doctorate.
SASQ vice chairperson Willie van der Walt was awarded for dedicated service to SASQ since 2000.
SASQ Pretoria chairperson Barnes Soodeo is the first South African inducted as Fellow of the World Academy of Productivity Sciences.

SASQ membership categories and grades are;
Professional Quality Manager or Quality Engineer
Professional Environmental Manager
Professional Health and Safety Manager
Professional Safety Manager
Professional SHEQ Manager
Professional Consultant
Senior Member
Provisional Member
Associate Members who join due to interest

SASQ offers these services;
Membership cards and certificates
Code of Practice
Access to website information that will soon be password protected
Networking opportunities with other professionals
Publication of case studies and articles
Practitioner development support structures to professional status
Access to relevant jobs vacancies on the website
Listing of experts
Listing of members
Access to quality related services and products
Listing of approved course providers for continued professional development, CPD
Listing of approved consultants
Discounts and promotions for CPD
Conferences , industry visits and workshops
Prestigious grades like Fellow or Life Long Member
Participation in awards like Deneys Zeederberg Award
SASQ newsletters and circulars
Listing of relevant course providers
Listing of excellent products and services

SASQ individual membership annual fees 2012;
Professional R1000
Senior Member R600
Member R450
Provisional Member R200
Associate R250

SASQ corporate membership annual fees 2012;
Course Provider R2000
Listed Organisation R1500
Listed SMEs R1000
Discounts apply to interim applications.
Corporate membership includes a free Company Membership

• Visit www.sasq.org.co.za or email sasqadmin@sasq.org.co.za

One thought on “Quality body welcomes sheq pracs and professionals

  1. This is most interesting! I was expexting a heading like “More OHS Registration Confusion” or “Yet another added Administration Burden for SHEQ Practitioners” or “More Costs to Register as SHEQ Practitioners or Professionals”.

    But this is a strait forward report informing SHEQ Professionals that SASQ is now also representing EHS Officials. Was there any consultation with the respective professions’ representatives? Why the astronomical cost to register? By not reporting negatively on this move does it imply that SHEQ Africa supports this initiative? Does SHEQ Africa have a vested interest in SASQ?

    Employers should match jobs and appointments

    Sheqafrica.com eiditor Sheqafrica replies; Sheqafrica.com does not support any safety registrar, or prospective safety registrar. We advise employers to appoint practitioners based on their qualifications, and on checking their experience and employment record, and to develop their sheq practitioners.

    We support any initiative to resolve and develop South African safety, health, enviornment and quality (sheq) education, either as part of other bisiness and engineering qualifications, or as sheq dedicated qualifications. We have a long way to go before most of us are at diploma and degree level, then we could discuss the need or otherwise for a safety registrar.

    We do not want employers and HR practitoiners to pass some of their responsiblilities to a registrar. Any membership body has the right to offer grading membership titles, but government, state authorities, universities, employers and most practitioners do not accept those gradings and titles, with good reason.

    No sheq registrars have yet passed the requirements of the SAQA policy on professional bodies, and even some established registrars in other professions would find it a stretch to pass that test, and yet a further stretch to add cost effective benefit to their profession. Given our small numbers in safety practice, it would be a very expensive and long lasting exercise to fund and maintain a registrar.

    Most safety degree holders, from local or overseas universities, hold international registration, and that could prove to be less expensive, and add more value than attempting to place a registration cart before an education horse.

    We support integration in sheq practice, but we have no vested interest or support in SASQ. Several informal comments to me implied that SASQ has no general support among health and safety practitioners or environmental professionals, and lacks capacity to represent and develop sheq practice. -Sheqafrica

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