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A Construction Regulations amendment draft relies on SANAS to ensure a proposed safety practitioner registration, raising the option of SANAS as practitioner registration body instead.

The draft would require SANAS accreditation to ensure that the proposed construction safety practitioner scheme was competent and capable of fulfilling the new function.

Some practitioners have raised queries about the possibility of extending the functions of either the assurance body SANAS, or the auditor registration body SAATCA, to keep a register of health and safety practitioners in return for registration fees.

The SA National Accreditation Scheme currently accredits laboratories and inspection authorities, but the draft legislation introduces the role of accrediting a practitioner grading and registration scheme. “Under which category did OHSAP apply for accreditation?” asked Advantage ACT MD Christel Fouche.

OHSAP earlier said it would aim to certify safety practitioners against SAQA standards, yet OHSAP is not experienced in training provision.

“There are currently very few SAQA registered unit standards, and very few SAQA registered courses,” explained Fouche in response to the amendment draft requirements regarding SAQA accredited training and SANAS accredited registration.

“The SETAs and SAQA are restructuring yet again. Why base new regulations on a framework with a reputation for slow delivery and changing goalposts?

“If SANAS had the skills and capacity to accredit auditors, could SANAS become a registration body for construction safety practitioners?”

“Are the amended Regulations aiming to empower the country, or the industry, or trying to build an empire for one organisation?”, asked Fouche.

PHOTO; Advantage ACT MD Christel Fouche is among the safety professionals opposing the current format of enforced registration, proposed in the 2010 Construction Regulations amendment draft.


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