Employers compare wages, safety salaries

Employers in 12 African countries are surveying and comparing wages and safety salaries in private and state bodies.

USA safety managers pay levels are listed below. The African wage and safety salary survey was already done in Malawi, Mozambique, Botswana, South Africa and Zambia, followed by Tanzania, Kenya and Ghana in a second phase, ending in Rwanda and Burundi.

The survey is run by Association of Tanzania Employers (ATE). The project’s regional coordinator in Tanzania, Kenya and Ghana, Oscar Mkude, said the survey responded to underpayment and high worker turnover.

Speaking at a workshop of TEA for stakeholders on validation of Occupation Health and Safety (OSH), he said by July 2012 participating employers would have voluntarily completed a questionnaire online, for compilation of data by Harvard University in the USA and AAHcT University in Denmark.

The project is funded by ATE in collaboration with the Netherlands. “Rational employers should do anything to ensure that skilled employees are retained in their jobs, and reduce costs of high labour turnover,” he explained.

The questionnaires are also sent to some employees to verify employer data.

At the OSH workshop, TEA exec director Dr Aggrey Mlimuka said employee health and safety was of paramount importance in business competition, hence a dire need to maintain worker health and safety.

Worldwide, 5500 workers are killed every day, and 270-million workers are injured at work each year.

Development of Occupational Health and Safety policy is a move to equip ATE members with guidelines to adhere to policy, and to equip employers with OHS standards, said Dr Mlimuka.

Validation of the policy will be followed by a series of training courses to entrench safety and health culture at workplaces.

Competition Commission could stop construction safety registration

Safety salary guide for OHS managers

Safety managers are occupational health and safety specialists who help ensure the safety of workers in a variety of settings. The USA Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that occupational health and safety specialists comprised 54 680 of workers in the USA in 2010.

Pay scale for safety managers tends to vary based on factors such as field of employment and where the specialist works, reports Ehow Money website.

USA OHS specialists earned an average salary of $65 610 per year in 2010, according to the USA Bureau of Labor Statistics. Safety managers made a median salary of $64 660, while those comprising the middle 50% of the pay scale made salaries between $49 410 and $80 430 per year.

Lowest-paid USA safety managers earned $38 780 or less per year, while those at the upper end of the pay scale made salaries in excess of $94 180.

Health and safety salaries per industry

The industry in which the safety manager is employed provides some indication as to how much he can expect to make. For instance, the BLS indicates that the highest paid specialists were employed in the medical field, earning an average salary of $85 200 per year in 2010.

Those in the oil transportation industry made $81 690 per year, while those working in the oil and gas extraction field made $78 190. Those working in waste management services earned $71 430, while those in the chemical manufacturing field brought home $71 000.

Where in the country the occupational health and safety specialist works also provides further indication of what they can expect to make. According to the BLS, the largest number of these safety managers worked in Texas and brought home an average salary of $63 440 per year in 2010.

More health and safety jobs

Highest paid specialists were employed in the District of Columbia and earned an average salary of $87 280 annually. Those in Alaska were second in average salary and made $78 800, while those in California and New York made about $60 000.

According to the USA Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs for those in the occupational health and safety field should grow by about 11 percent from 2008 to 2018.

The bureau indicates that technological advances will necessitate a larger number of workers in this field to ensure public and worker safety. Because of the high cost of insurance, many companies will focus on loss prevention by hiring safety managers.

More enviro jobs in SA

The SA Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) and the Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA) have studied potential direct employment in ‘green’ environmental jobs in South Africa.

The report by the two statutory economic development bodies notes four types of activity;
• Energy generation
• Energy and resource efficiency
• Emissions and pollution management
• Natural resources management.

The analysis reveals the potential for an unfolding green economy in which 98 000 new jobs are realised in 2012, 255 000 by 2017, and 462 000 by 2025.

Jobs like biodiversity conservation, ecosystem restoration, soil and land management are expected to rise from 44 000 to 230 000.

Energy generation jobs would rise from 13 500 to 130 000.

Emissions and pollution mitigation are anticipated to generate 8400 new jobs, rising to 32 000.

Energy and resource efficiency jobs are expected to rise from 31500 to 68000.

Long term direct employment in environmental type operations and maintenance is expected to reach 350 000, and in manufacturing 45 000, including four types of activities.

Manufacturing segments that are expected to generate most jobs are electrical vehicles, recycling of materials, solar photovoltaic components, and biofuels.

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