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Safe and healthy workers are productive, satisfied workers and by taking six steps one can make the workplace even safer.

1. Ensure compliance with Safety and Health standards

Compliance with every standard that applies to your operations, regulations and your own Safety policies, are of the utmost importance to ensure safe, healthy and productive workers.

2. Keep employees informed about Hazards & Risks

Identify potential hazards in all the work areas and ensure that employees are aware of what the hazards are. They must know how and why the hazards are dangerous and how to protect themselves against it. They must also know the prosedures to be taken in the event of exposure to a particular hazard.

3. Take appropriate steps to minimize Risks

  • Employees must be trained frequently and effectively.
  • Routine workplace maintenance must be done on a regular basis.
  • Effective engineering, administrative and work practice controls must be in place.
  • Appropriate PPE to protect employees from hazards when controls are not enough.
  • Routine and thorough inspetions and Safety inspections must be done as required.
  • Well-conceived workplace Safety and Health programs must be implemented

3. Teach employees to work safely

Training is the most important incident prevention tool. Employees must be taught the skills, techniques and procedures to be safe and healthy. Frequent training keeps the workers up to date on workplace and regulatory changes.

4. Monitor performance and provide feedback

Supervisors must monitor Safety performance and provide positive and corrective feedback to maintain safe and healthy behavior as workers will not always use what they learn in training or do what their supervisors tell them to do.

5. Pay attention to employees’ suggestions and complaints

Listening to employees is essential if you want them to work with you on your Safety and Health programs and to follow your Safety rules. Employee participation leads to employee ownership, which leads to employee-driven Safety and a safer workplace.

6. Correct problems as soon as possible

Take swift and effective action whenever a Safety or Health problem occurs as it will show the employees that you care about their safety.



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