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Nine new national safety standards relevant to SHEQ management systems were published in February 2011;

* Electrical Machinery Regulations, under authority of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, 85 of 1993, section 44, is amended to include a schedule of safety standards. Seer Government Gazette 34154 of 25 March 2011.

• SANS 310, Storage tank facilities for hazardous chemicals; above ground storage tanks

* SANS 3000-4, Railway safety management Part 4: Human factors management

• SANS 14005, Environmental management systems; Guidelines for phased implementation of environmental management systems, including use of environmental performance evaluation

• SANS 17422, Plastics environmental aspects; General guidelines for their inclusion in standards

• SANS 1186-4, Symbolic safety signs Part 4: Retro reflective signs

• SANS 10111-1, Engineering drawings Part 1: General principles

• SANS 10233, Transport of dangerous goods; Intermediate bulk containers for road and rail transport

• SANS 1518, Transport of dangerous goods; Design requirements for road vehicles and portable tanks.

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