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Dumping of sewage and animal off-cuts in the Vaal River

According to the Freedom Front Plus, the Vaal River has become the dumping site of an abattoir in Frankfort. This has been confirmed by the Blue Scorpions as it was picked up in an aerial survey.

Animal blood, off-cuts and sewage is being dumped into an evaporation dam by the abattoir, which in turn seeps into the Vaal River. According to Peter van der Westhuizen, councilor of the Mafube municipality, pipes have still not been repaired since 2004, causing sewage to ooze over the ground that leads to the Vaal River.

Another contributing factor is that there is a broken pump at the sewerage, which is a regular thing according to Mayor, Louis Ntombela.

The sewage level of the dam is causing a build-up of blue-green algae containing microsystins, which are deadly.

South Africa has the highest level of microsystins in some of its dams, which can mostly be attributed to the dumping of sewage. The five largest dams have between 10 000 and 16 000 micrograms of microsystins per litre. The only way to filter these out of the water is by using an activated charcoal filter.

According to Nigel Adams, a member of the Blue Scorpions, municipalities that do not comply with court orders to stop pumping raw sewage into the Vaal River could now face criminal charges and he is investigating the alleged transgressions.

The police forensic team was collecting photographic evidence and scientific samples for this case, which includes areas such as Villiers, Frankfort, Cornelia and Tweeling.

Source: and Sapa