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There is nothing as valuable as a good start.

I found this job application cover letter recently and have amended it a little. You can use it as a template when you need to make that first impression that must count. Use it when you apply for your next SHEQ job. Feel free to edit and customise it as you see fit.

A good Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality (SHEQ) job application cover letters should provide details about what the applicant can bring to the job. It is important to make a statement about what sets you apart from the rest and must be specific to the position you are applying for, relating your skills and experience to those noted in the job posting.

It will be a good idea to demonstrate in your cover letter that you understand the role of a SHEQ professional within the organisation.

It is the duty of the SHEQ professional to seek the most effective ways to use the basic factors of production, (people, machines, materials, information, and energy)to make a product or to provide a service without compromising the sustainability of any of the factors mentioned above.

SHEQ professionals are the bridge between management goals and operational performance. They should concern themselves with increasing productivity through the management of people, methodologies, technology and the environment.

Remember, the job application cover letter is the first opportunity you have to sell yourself. Use it well.

Sample Cover Letter for Occupational Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality Jobs

Mr J Malema
123 West Street,

Date: 1st June, 2008

Mr S Sikilela
Personel Manager,
SABC Industrial
123 Park Avenue

Dear Mr Sikilela


I’m responding to your Health and Safety Advisor advertisement in the local Employment News. My credentials and interests matches your requirement and I wish to apply for the position.

I graduated from a reputable university and have Health and Safety management experience in the industrial sector.

During the last four years I have worked as part of a team while focusing on devising the best possible methods of using the basic factors of production (men, materials, machines, information and energy) to solve organisational, production, and related problems in the most efficient and sustainable way.

I have applicable experience in designing manufacturing and information systems and have received recognition for Health and Safety management systems implemented under my supervision.

In my attached resume, you will also find reference to my financial planning and cost analysis experience.

A well-trained and experienced Health and Safety Advisor is important for the growth and integrity of any organisation. I believe I am the one who has the skill set and the experience you are looking for.

I welcome the opportunity to visit with you about this position. My resume is attached, per your instructions and I may be reached at 082 262 9572.

Thank you for your consideration.


J Malema

1. Resume
2. Letter of Recommendation


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