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Occupational health and safety authorities and organisations in SA are listed here, excluding private consulting, auditing and training providers. Add or update your details in the COMMENT block below.

== Statutory bodies

DOL, Department of Labour, 012 309 4388, Private Bag X117, Pretoria, 0001. Gauteng north 012 309 4262. Gauteng south 011 497 3117, or on 011 497 3047. DOL health 012 309 4407, or Principal inspector 082 467 4318, 012 309 4377, or 012 309 4391 /2,

DOL ACOHS, Labour Minister’s Advisory Council on Occupational Health and Safety; 19 members delegated by; DOL, Business Unity SA (BUSA), and labour unions, plus three specialists. Members are; DOL Chief Inspector Thobile Lamati; DOL Jacob Malatse; DOL Lucas Masango; DOL OH Milly Ruiters; DOL Tibor Szana; DOL Compensation Commissioner Dr Monge Lekalakala; DOH Dr L Ndelu; DMR Chief Inspector Thabo Gazi; Chamber of Mines Dr Balfour-Kaipa; BUSA Vikki Harbhajan; BUSA CAIA Dr Lorraine Lotter; BUSA /Master Builders Gauteng Doug Michell; BUSA /Master Builders KZN Neels Nortje (see SAIOSH); BUSA George Kleinsmit (see SAFSEC); Ceppwawu Pelelo Magane; Cosatu Jacqueline Mpolokeng; Fedusa J Sehlabaka; Nactu Brenda Modise; NUM E Gcilitshane. Specialists are Jace Naidoo of Eskom; Dr Audrey Banyini of MHSC; Prof Theo Haupt of CPUT (see ACHASM). Former members include Ray Strydom (see IoSM /OSPC /OHSAP /NOSHBO)

SACPCMP, Council for Project and Construction Management Professions. DOL statutory body under PCMP Act, 48 of 2000. Since 2002 mandated to ‘create specified categories of registration for construction H&S’, to guide construction HS and other functions. Set categories, under sec 18(1)(c ), for construction H&S officers, Client appointed H&S Agents, and Construction Supervisors. Asked ACHASM to list minimum qualifications, competencies, and scope of services. Registrar Thoko Machimane.

OHSTEC, OHS Technical Committee, proposed in the Construction Regulations Amendment draft 2010, section 29, to be self-funded, investigate employers, and advise the Labour Minister.

DOL CC, Compensation Commissioner, Dr Lekalakala, 012 319 9294 /321 2929, or statistics via Mr Flint 012 319 9448, or Irma 012 319 9293

SABS NRCS, National Regulator of Compulsory Specifications; test, confiscate and destroy non compliant goods. Mirriam Moswaane p4286848 0833642007 or Daniel Ramarumo 012 428 7336, 078 734 8820,

BUSA, Business Unity, 011 784 8000, 082 853 9644,

== Certification

SAATCA, (SHEQ) Auditor Training Certification authority and registrar, Building 4 CSIR campus Meiring Naude Rd Lynnwood Pretoria, or Pb 41 Persequor Park Brummeria 0020, or 012 349 2763 /1008, 073 789 7954

SANAS, national accreditation body, certifies laboratories. DTI Campus 77 Meintjies Str Sunnyside Pretoria 0002, or Private Bag X23 Sunnyside Pretoria 0132. Mandla Sithole, or 012 394 3760, or Ron Josias,

== Construction

SACPCMP, Council for Project and Construction Management Professions, statutory body under sec 2 of the Project and Construction Management Act, 48 of 2000. Provides for statutory professional certification, registration and regulation of project and construction management professions, by way of dual registration. Linked to seven Acts to regulate the professions of Architect, Landscape Architect, Engineer, Property Valuer, Quantity Surveyor, Construction Project Manager, Construction Manager, as well as the Council for the Built Environment, an umbrella body controlling the six professional councils. Registration criteria include a recognised four year degree or equivalent in built environment, or recognition for prior experience, if supported by recognised education, and three years appropriate experience as a single person responsible, or as a Candidate working under the guidance of a registered or registerable person. 011 642 1150,

CETA, Construction Seta, supports construction training and skills development within the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). CETA is accredited for Education and Training Quality Assurance (ETQA) by SAQA, and authorised to accredit and monitor accredited training providers. CETA does not offer training itself, but offers assessment for recognition of prior learning (RPL).

ECSA, Engineering Council, statutory body, registers engineers in nine disciplines. Specialised practice depends on a code of conduct and CESA rules. Four categories of registration are provided for in the Engineering Profession Act, 46 of 2000, each with accredited qualifications; Engineers have a BSc Eng or B Eng degree. Engineering Technologists have a BTech Eng degree and six years experience. Engineering Technicians have a three year National Diploma Eng and eight years experience. Certificated Engineers have a relevant Government Certificate of Competency (GCC), one of the other qualifications, and be responsible for a plant. Engineering Technicans with N1 or N6 require 10 years experience, two in positions of responsibility, and technician level work. Engineers with BTech /National Diploma, need 10 years experience, with 40% of third and fourth year university subjects. Engineering Technologists with a National Higher Diploma, need six years experience, with four in a position of responsibility including design work, or a National Diploma with eight years experience, of which five in a position of responsibility, and CPD up to date. Complaints are investigated in the interest of public safety, 011 607 9500

CESA, Consulting Engineers, registers consulting engineering companies on a voluntary basis, against criteria, including specialisms, and more than 50% must be registered engineers, checks with ECSA, or Graham Pirie, 011 463 2022, or

CIDB, Construction Industry Development Board, statutory body, reforming the sector, keeps a register of contractors. With PPC and NURCHA, publish contractor management guidelines for small and medium size contractors. Manager Ishmail Cassiem Anonymous Fraud Reporting Hotline 0800 112 432. Contact 012 482 7200,

SAFCEC, SA Federation of Civil Engineering Contractors, HS official Frank Cotton, 011 409 0910, 082 808 3301, Mastiff Rd 245 Midrand. George Kleinsmith represents BUSA on ACOHS. SAFCEC Safety committee includes Ray Strydom. SAFCEC plans to run a safety practitioner registration scheme.

SAIA, Institute of Architects, Al Stratford, Su Linning, 011 782 1315,

AIAs, Approved Inspection Authorities. Registered consultants, whose services could be enforced by the Construction Regulations amendment draft to oversee risk assessments, and assist the Department of Labour in enforcing legislation.

CBE, Council for the Built Environment, statutory body established in terms of the Council for the Built Environment Act, 43 of 2000, appointed 2002. Represents Engineering Council, Council for Architectural Profession, Council for Quantity Surveying Profession, Council for Property Valuers Profession, Council for Landscape Architectural Profession, Council for Project and Construction Management Professions, government, and public. Champions governance, appropriate health standards, safety, environmental protection, training standards.

CESA, Consulting Engineers SA, has representatives on the construction H&S technical committee.

PROCSA, Professional Consultants Services Agreement committee, regulates terms of engagement between clients and consultants, Mandated to register relevant professionals on three rolls; HS agent, HS supervisor, HS officer. Drafting HS Agent scope of services and deliverables across six phases of construction. Chairperson Charles Israelite, professional consultants committee, recruiting HS specialists, integrating HS into construction functions. HS Agents are represented; or fax 011 233 6801

SAICE, Victor Booth, 011 462 8467,

MBSA Master Builders SA, CEO 011 205 9000, or or 234 Alexander Ave, Halfway House, Midrand, 1685, or Po Box 1619, Halfway House, 1685. H&S 011 205 9000, Ernie Pieterse,

MBA Gauteng, 071 895 0432, Doug Mitchel or  or exec director Colin De Kock, 011 805 6611, 083 250 5217, or PRO Jan de Beer 082 456 3677

MBA KZN, 031 266 7070, 082 464 6754,

ACHASM, Association of Construction Health and Safety Management, formed by Anton Krause in 2009, supported by Eastern Cape academics Prof John Smallwood and Anton Haupt (DOL ACOHS nominated specialist), and volunteers. Aims to standardise HS functions in six phases of construction, assess practitioners, guide professional development, register practitioners via SACPCMC. Anton Krause, 011 462 6399, Kim Sinclair 021 465 6963,

== OH and hygiene

NIOH, National Institute of Occupational Health, 011 712 6544, 082 444 8478,

NHLS, National Health Laboratory Services, part of NIOH; 011 712 6518, 082 510 1315

SASOHN, SA Society of Occupational Health Nurses, Pb 18793 Sunward Park 1470, 011 892 3173 /4, or Karen Michell, 011 609 7747, 082 925 8938

SAIOH, Institute of Occupational Health,

ESSA, Ergonomics Society, communications 021 680 1575 treasurer 046 603 8469 administrator 046 603 8469

SARPS, Radiation Protection Society,

SAFSIS, Food Safety Institute, 082 576 4177 or Pb 10765 Aston Manor 1630, Donna Crockart, 41 Golden Drive, Morehill Benoni

SAMIC, standards and quality control in abattoirs; 6 Springbok Str Bester Park Bronkhorstspruit 1020, Pb 38602 Menlopark 0102, 012 361 4545, 082 900 3022,, or exec director,

SASAEM Society for Aerospace and Environmental Medicine, assists aviation medical examiners; president Dr Philip Buys, 012 998 5928,

== Safety

IRMSA, Institute of Risk Management SA, GM Janet Joubert; supporting enterprise risk managers and financial risk practitioners.

IoSM, Institute of Safety Management, formed as SA Institute of Industrial Safety Officers in 1952 by Bunny Mathyssen and others, later Chartered Institute of Safety Engineering, later IoSM, run by executive secretary Ray Strydom up to 2009. President in 2010 Philip Fourie, leading members include Joep Joubert, Gert Lange, Steven Jansen van Vuuren. Coastal branch broke away to form SAIOSH in 2010 under former IoSM president Neels Nortje. Secretary Wilna Louw-Malan, O11 913 1431,

OSPC, Occupational Safety Professionals Council, formed by IoSM. OSPC and SAIOH then formed OHSAP. Chaired by Joep Joubert, members include Ray Strydom, Steven Jansen van Vuuren. Secretary Wilna Louw-Malan, O11 913 1431,

OHSAP, (Board of Registration of) Occupational Hygiene, Safety and Associated Professionals, formed by IoSM and SAIOH with some DOL sanction under former chief inspector Manie Mulder. Supports a draft regulation that may require construction safety practitioners to register. Assessors include Ray Strydom, Wilna Louw-Malan, Steven Jansen van Vuuren, Gert Lange. Initiative disputed by several construction bodies and safety practitioners. Ray Strydom, 012 654 8349,

NOSHBO, National Occupational Safety and Health Board, formed by IoSM, SAIOH, SAPEMA, and SFA. Launched in 2007 at its Safeconex conference and expo. Sought to involve OH bodies in 2010, before its constitution was written. Labels itself ‘OHS lead body’. Ray Strydom, 012 654 8349,

SFA, Safety First Association, formed 1932 by Sir Ernest Oppenheimer and others, to promote safety at work, home and school. Ray Strydom, 012 654 8349,

SAPEMA, Southern African Protective Equipment Marketing Association, formed in 1960s by some manufacturers and distributors; Ray Strydom, 012 654 8349,

SAIOSH, SA Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, formed by IoSM Coastal branch in 2010. President Robin Jones, registrar Neels Nortje;

SASHEF, SA Safety, Health and Environment Federation, informal discussion forum initiated by Natalie Skeepers, run by Ronelle Isaacs, communicate via informal Facebook site. or

LPGASA, LP Gas Safety Association, LPGSASA, Kevin Robertson,

PSASA, Paraffin Safety Association, Teri Kruger, 021 424 3473, or Anita Madikazi on 017 647 6840, 073 837 3573, or Boysen Mthethwa on 017 647 6840, or 017 647 6840, 082 445 5342

SAMSA, Maritime Safety Association, Tsietsi Mokhele 012 366 2600, or Tebogo Madibo

== Training authorities

SAQA, Qualifications Authority; register and verify qualifications via NLRD. The National Qualification Framework, NQF, is administered by SAQA; 012 482 0800, or or 012 431 5149

NLRD, National Learners’ Records Database, source for verification of qualifications by SAQA, available to state authorities and private clients, including records of 9.9-million people, from service providers and archives, including high level foreign qualifications and advisory services evaluation; director Yvonne Shapiro,

HW SETA, Health and Welfare Sectoral Education and Training Authority. Rydwaan Mahomed, 011 607 6951 /6900, or

HW SGB 8, Health and Welfare training Standards Generating Body 8, drafted basic levels Hygiene and Environment unit standards; 012 431 5110, or Paul Botha 083 231 4719 or Phaphela Makoke 012 431 5149

CETA, Construction Education and Training Authority.

FET colleges, Further Education and Training, pillar of vocational or occupational training in 2010 Higher Education and Training strategies.

Training acronyms;
CEP Communities of Expert Practitioners
HEQC Higher Education Quality Committee
ISCO International Standard Classification of Occupations
NCPF National Career Path Framework
NQF National Qualifications Framework
NLRD National Learners’ Records Database
NSA National Skills Authority
NSDS National Skills Development Strategy
OFO Organising Framework for Occupations
OLS Occupational Learning System
OQF Occupational Qualifications Framework
QCTO Qualifications and Quality Council for Trades and Occupations
RPL Recognition of Prior Learning
SAQA SA Qualifications Authority
SASCO SA Standard Classification of Occupations
SETA Sector Education and Training Authority
SGB Standards Generating Body

== Chemicals

CAIA, Chemicals and Allied Industries Association; Empire /Owl Rd, or Pb 91415 Auckland Park 2006, Dr M Booth, 011 482 1671, or Dr Lorraine Lotter.

PSF, Process Safety Forum, volunteer industry representatives, chairman Bernhardt Eigenhuis, via CAIA.

RC, Responsible Care, offers external auditing, via CAIA

== Environment and Quality

SAIEH, Institute of Environmental Health, secretary Sue Dungan, 34 Wallace Rd Morningside Durban 4000, or Private Bag x37 Greyville 4023,

SAIEA, Southern African Institute for Environmental Assessment

IWMSA, Institute of Waste Management of Southern Africa, hosting a semi-autonomous Health Care Waste Forum. Vice president Stan Jewaskiewitz; or or 011 675 3462

SASQ, Society for Quality, assists in development and recognition of quality practitioners by recognised training, education and certification. President Roy Ramphal, operations president Tommy Harris, administrator Shilinia Harris, or 082 556 6703, 011 782 2236

== Mining SHEQ

COM, Chamber of Mines, HSE Pb 61809 Marshalltown 2107, 011 498 7374, safety and sustainability 011 498 7423 /46, 082 565 9343; health advisor or environmental advisor Nikisi Lesufi, 011 498 7661, 0832880407 ; hygiene 082 828 1517

ICMM, International Council on Mining and Metals, since 2001, catalyst for sustainable performance improvement among 19 mining and metals companies, 30 national and regional mining and commodity associations. Committed to the Sustainable Development Framework and progress reporting. Share solutions on economic development, environmental impact management, worker safety, and energy efficiency. chairman Richard Adkerson, deputy chair Marius Kloppers, treasurer Cynthia Carroll.

MHSC, Mine HS Council, Pb 44712 Lindeni 2104, Dr Aydrey Banyini, 082 785 1095, 011 358 9183, or or researcher Paul vd Heever 011 358 9185 or 358 9185

BSF, Bushveld Safety Forum, platinum mining CEO and SHEQ officers forum, meeting quarterly to share incident rates and other information; scribe 014 571 5503,

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