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Two visitors are asking for information on market related remuneration packages for SHEQ salaries in South Africa.

Jay Moodley writes; I am currently trying to conduct a benchmarking exercise against other organisations.

A chemicals sector employee writes; Was a salary survey ever done on SHEQ professionals, or what do you consider the basic minimum salary for SHEQ professionals, and specifically in chemicals industry? editor SHEQafrica adds; The answers should probably consider relevance of qualifications, number of training days gained in SHEQ short courses, number of years employed in sector, and number of years employed in SHEQ positions, with a factor attached to different job levels and difference relevance levels.

Whether performance should be part of SHEQ remuneration, and which results to take into account, raises serious questions related to ‘flexible’ yardsticks, the efficacy of financial reward, and the role of chance in incidents.

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