Tobacco laws change smoking culture

Most ex smokers now agree with legal restrictions (56%, up from 34% last year). About half of smokers (44%, up from 40%), and non-smokers agree (48%, up by 21%).

Smoking legislation that came into effect last year, restricting smoking in public areas, and rising tobacco tax and cigarette prices, have encouraging people to stop smoking, according to the second annual South African Smoking Survey by nicotine gum and patches dosage replacement supplier, Nicorette.

The probe queried 16 645 participants, said brand manager Vanessa Sew Chung Hong.

Smoking relieves stress?

Smoking because of stress was the main reason given for smoking, with 63% of smokers saying they have tried to quit smoking two to five times, and 6% saying they have tried more than six times while another 6% said they have lost count.

“This makes us realise that quitting smoking is a challenging journey and that people need much more than just a product to help them stop, they need psychological support as well and of course, willpower,” said Sew Chung Hong.

“International research has revealed that smokers are six times likely to quit smoking successfully with a combination of NRT and psychological support than willpower alone”.

The survey revealed that 35% (compared to 28% in 2009) relied on friends for help and support in their quitting journey, while ironically; “formal” support groups have dropped from 32% in 2009 to 14% this year.

Willpower and smaller nicotine doses remained the most popular quitting option again this year claiming 86% and 28% respectively followed by prescription drugs at 18% and electronic cigarettes at 11%.

“We noted that people perceive willpower to be the most effective way of quitting followed by NRT then prescription drugs,” said Sew Chung Hong. “We further noted that prescription drugs are more common in the higher income group because of access to medical aid while the lower income group is more likely to use support groups, friends or a partner.”

Nicotine dosage step-down

Nicotine Replacement Therapies, such as Nicorette, provide a smaller dose of nicotine than in cigarettes, but enough to beat cravings. Day by day your cravings become less frequent until they disappear, says the supplier.

Research has shown that smokers are twice as likely to stop smoking using NRT, than with willpower alone and six times more likely to stop successfully with a combination of willpower and psychological support.

Nicotine dosage

NICORETTE Mint Gum 2mg; nicotine-resin complex 20%
10mg equivalent to 2mg nicotine

NICORETTE Mint Gum 4mg; nicotine-resin complex 20%
20mg equivalent to 4mg nicotine

NICORETTE Gum 2mg: nicotine-resin complex 20%
10mg equivalent to 2mg nicotine

NICORETTE Gum 4mg: nicotine-resin complex 20%
20mg equivalent to 4mg nicotine

NICORETTE Patches: nicotine equivalent to 8.3mg per 10cm2

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  1. Hi Christel

    I was wondering about smoking on construction sites. I have had a look at some of the smoking articles, but they seem to cater more for restaurants and so forth.

    Are there regulations regarding where one may smoke on a construction site and whether there may be smoking in a building that is being constructed?

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