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A second product stewardship management system guideline, developed by Responsible Care, was circulated to signatory companies in July 2010.

The guidelines support initiation of a product life cycle management system, either as a separate system, or integrated with other sheq management systems.

CAIA is developing the series of product stewardship guidelines as part of the Responsible Care Product Stewardship Management Practice Standard.

The series of new guidelines assist operators to initiate a customised product stewardship programme, considering available skills and resources. The second document is named ‘Guidance document for hazardous chemicals in general’.

Product stewardship is the chemical industry’s key mechanism for managing chemicals life cycle sheq aspects, and the practice of making health, safety and environmental protection an integral part of the life cycle of chemical products

Like all SHEQ systems and programmes, product stewardship programmes should adapt and improve according to the target market, product mix, processes, and other variables.

Product stewardship is an important pillar of the voluntary Responsible Care code, and of environmental impact management programmes.

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PHOTO; Failures of product stewardship could occur in supply chains, exploration, manufacturing, transport, or after sales. Oil exploration spills are among the more spectacular failures, that could threaten business continuity and social license.


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