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A Responsible Care transport SHEQ and legislation workshop is hosted in Johannesburg on 16 September, and Durban on 17 September 2010.

The transportation of Dangerous Goods by road involves numerous criteria, guidelines and codes of practice. Road transport is a dynamic industry, and a number of changes in the relevant legal framework are expected to come into effect soon.

Some SANS codes being revised and developed are incorporated under Regulation R273A, promulgated under Chapter VIII of the National Road Traffic Act, regulating the transport of dangerous goods by road.

The workshop will focus on specific aspects of the revised SANS 10231; Maintenance and inspection, and SANS 1518; Vehicle design requirements for dangerous goods.

Municipal transport permits

Implications of AARTO for the transport industry and what business should consider to ensure legal compliance will also be attended to. Hidden aspects of compliance with current dangerous goods legislation will be highlighted and information will be supplied on the status and associated requirements of generic checklists being developed for municipal permits.

The value of behavioural based safety for drivers and how such programmes could benefit organisations will also be explained.

* Sep 16 Responsible Care Transport workshop at Johannesburg Country Club, Auckland Park; or

* Sep 17 Responsible Care Transport workshop in Durban, at Sica conference venue; or


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