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To boost their good safety performance, Chryso SA in Jet Park, Boksburg, has made reporting of minor and near miss incidents compulsory.

“Only good fortune prevents some fatalities, injuries and losses from occuring. These minor events are now recorded, discussed, and corrective measures are introduced to prevent re occurrence,” said Chryso Southern Africa COO Greame Smith at a safety day.

Smith addressed employees at the annual Chryso Materis Safety Day. The operator is a subsidiary of the French Materis group, producers of construction chemicals. They dedicate March 16 to health and safety at subsidiaries worldwide.

Top management should be directly involved in introducing and maintaining a safety culture at work, said Smith. African managements should at all levels lead by example to promote safety at work.

“The best way for management and supervisors to encourage safe work is to inspire employees to change their behaviour and maintain awareness of hazards and risks in the plant, at the office, and at home.

“Experience has shown that companies with superior safety records produce superior share prices and has a competitive advantage in the market”, said Smith.


Andries Marais, Chryso SA quality, research and development manager, said good housekeeping was an essential factor in safety.

“Employees should remain alert to hazards and risks in their areas of operation. Junior staff members should contribute to hazard spotting and risk assessment, even if management could be the cause of unsafe conditions or unsafe practice.”

Warehousing safety rules

Marais outlined Chryso SA’s five golden safety rules for 2011;

• Wear personal protective equipment (PPE) in production facilities and warehouses.
• Use stop blocks and hand brakes on commercial vehicles parked in or near production facilities.
• Display warning signs around wet areas.
• Container stacking height is limited to three times the length of the container base.
• Third level stacking and storage is strapped or wrapped.

PHOTO; Container stacking height is restricted to three times the length of the base of containers, according to one of the five golden safety rules at Chryso SA. Warehouse worker Andries Ledwaba has the right training, equipment, and PPE for the job.


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