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Small batch waste incinerators are used at mining and military camps in west Africa to prevent health, safety and enviro impacts of landfill disposal.

Eco Waste Solutions is supplying three Eco Model batch incinerators to process 23 tonnes per day, including domestic waste generated on site. In large camps, incineration improves sanitation by reducing vermin and disease vectors as well as enhancing health and safety.

Using clean burning systems to manage solid waste also minimises environmental impacts of mining processes, preferred to the long term legacy of waste landfills.

A military contract also specifies Eco Mobile incineration systems. The containerised mobile system was procured as part of an emergency plan for public health protection.

Crises like Bird Flu, H1N1 virus and civil unrest, have prompted governments to prepare to erect quarantine camps and destroy diseased animals. Most state agencies resort to open pit burning, which is inadequate for infection containment, and creates air pollution.

Eco Mobile offers rapid installation at a disease outbreak site and operates at temperatures that destroy even resistant prion, an infectious agent associated with BSE, or mad cow disease.

The incinerator is designed to international military specifications, with on-board pollution control and monitoring equipment to meet strictest emissions standards, comparable to SA emissions standards.

Eco Waste Solutions president, Steve Meldrum said the company is a privately held Canadian environmental technology supplier that custom engineers and manufactures advanced thermal treatment technologies for solid and liquid waste.

“For 17 years we have demonstrated leadership in design quality, environmental integrity… unlike other emerging technologies still in development, EWS systems are commercialised and are processing waste reliably.”

Technological innovations include 4G controls, containerised mobile incinerators designed for rapid deployment and scalable modular incinerators that offer heat recovery in the form of hot water, steam and small scale energy from waste.

IMAGE; A mobile hazardous and general waste incinerator set up at a remote mining camp.


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