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Waste management courses are now available. Public and private waste service providers in the SADC region could train waste officials, managers and workers in SA accredited courses.

Waste Management courses

The new courses contribute towards equivalent qualifications. The Institute of Waste Management of Southern Africa (IWMSA) and Interwaste launched SA state accredited waste management training courses in November 2011.

waste management courses
Accredited Waste Management Courses now available in SA.

IWMSA president Stan Jewaskiewitz said the industry body had had called for interested waste management services suppliers to share their accredited material with the industry.

“After careful evaluation of proposals received, we entered into a partnership with Interwaste to offer accredited training to groups of 20 or more.”

Completion of the courses newly accredited by the Local Government Sector Education and Training Authority (LG Seta) add to credits towards a recognised equivalent qualification, said Interwaste human resources director, Rajas Pillay.

Waste management courses Unit standards

Various environmental and waste management unit standards are available within the SA National Qualifications Framework (NQF) levels 1 to 4. Suitably qualified members of IWMSA are encouraged to register with the LG Seta as accredited waste management training assessors and moderators.

IWMSA itself will co-ordinate training programmes by using a national database of accredited facilitators. The industry’s effort to standardise and accredit training had started five years ago, involved hiring of consultants, and was delayed by changes and lengthy procedures in former Saqa and Seta procedures.

IWMSA had started offering non-accredited waste management courses two years ago, and continues to run non-accredited waste management training programmes at a basic level, on themes like waste management principles, waste operations and systems integrated planning, waste collection, transfer, and transport, waste minimisation, waste treatment and disposal, waste service implementation and evaluation.

PHOTO; Institute of Waste Management of Southern Africa (IWMSA) president Stan Jewaskiewitz invites waste service providers to train staff to standardised and accredited courses.


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  1. I am looking for a waste management course to manage, measure and sustain waste in our company. I want to learn how to implement strategistic formats to reduce waste.

    Former editor replies; Contact the Institute of Waste Management of Southern Africa, IWMSA, for SA accredited courses at general and lower levels.
    For cleaner production initiatives, contact the Basel Convention office in SA.
    For chemicals sector workshops and Responsible Care capacity development, contact CAIA.
    For enviro, legal and managerial skills courses, contact accredited sheq training providers.

  2. I need to get accreditation on waste management, how do I go about it, I want to become service provider.

    Former editor replies; Some hazardous waste services may be rendered only by relevant approved inspection authorities, AIAs, such as asbestos waste handling. Accreditation is with the Department of Labour.

    Health care waste is a different set of red tape, involving also provincial enviro authorities.

    All waste handlers have to register with the waste information system, WIS, as reported on

    Contact the institute of waste management of southern Africa, IWMSA, for advice on accrediation, relevant disposal services, standards, and accredited courses for enviro workers.

    Enviro mangement level skills are included in most ISO 14001 and general sheq and legal courses, see the training courses currently on offer in the courses calendar.

    Accrediation to standards are voluntary, and so is managerial training, but could be valuable when competing for tenders.

  3. I am interested in this course.
    Kindly provide me with your training schedule and prices
    Waste management course

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