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Draft Waste Regulations were published on 23 July, for public comment by 23 August 2010.

The Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs has published National Waste Information Regulations under section 69(1)(y) and (ee) of the National Environmental Management Waste Act, 59 of 2009, as well as a set of draft regulations to give effect to provisions in the Act.

Interested and affected parties were invited to submit comments within 30 days of publication of the draft regulations. Draft Waste Regulations issues were reported elsewhere on

Draft Waste Regulations can be downloaded from

EIA Regulations 2010

The 2010 EIA regulations, published on 18 June, will come into effect on 2 August 2010, with the exception of mining activities.

Notices indicating the date of coming into effect, and a correction notice to the regulations, are published in Government Gazette 33411 of 30 July 2010, under General Notice 664 of 2010.

HET Bill summaries

Explanatory Summaries of the Higher Education and Training Laws Amendment Bill of 2010, and the Skills Development Levies Amendment Bill of 2010, were published to harmonise with the formation of the Department of Higher Education and Training.

Several changes result from the moving of training and skills development from the Department of Labour, to DHET. See Government Gazette 33393, General Notice 720 of 2010.

PHOTO; Waste generators, reclaimers, recyclers, handlers, treaters, transporters and disposers would have to register and report volumes and types of waste to a government data system.


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