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Ernst & Young mining sector leader John Wetton said on Tuesday that Investors were threatening to cut off capital expenditure allocations to unsafe mines.

He said that South Africa’s record in mining health and safety was seen as being poor and one with a reputation for killing a lot of people.

In his opinion, South African mining companies have sound safety-and-health policies and procedures. “They have very, very strict procedures. But, at the end of the day, you can only have health and safety if your employees comply with what they have been taught”.

“In a lot of cases, they just don’t. They operate machines that have the covers off because it is easy or they don’t report breakages or they go into areas that they know they shouldn’t,” he said.

He also feels that HIV-Aids contributes to safety risk: “We also have HIV-Aids, and we should not under estimate the impact of a lot of people going to work who are not as well as they might be”.

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