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So I was reading an article about the findings of a new study on Office rage over at The Scotsman.

Yada, yada, yada…

The study found that eight out of ten office workers in the UK have witnessed acts of visible anger when colleagues become overcome with the frustrations of modern office life.

The principal causes of rage, according to the research, were long and pointless meetings followed by the ill manners of colleagues and office politics.

Taking the brunt of our fury is office equipment, with nearly 20 per cent of workers admitting to kicking or breaking items which fail to work. Desks, staplers, phones, keyboards and printers are the items most in the firing line.

Incidentally, the study was commissioned by Canon – who happens to make photocopiers.

Naturally, the article then starts to blame management. Yada, yada, yada and then some more thoughtful ideas to improve the situation.

And then …

I was almost at the end of the article at this stage. Still nothing really to blog about – so I started to read the comments to the article. The first comment mentioned working from home as a solution for the office rage problem and then all the other commentators followed the “working from home” theme.

I was stunned …

And then I read the comment made by Jacqueline Hyde.

“I only work from home because I can’t get enough sexual harassment anywhere else.”

With fourteen words Jacqueline changed my perceptions of office rage, working from home and on being a woman.


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